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Ketamine of Central Florida


Dr. Antonio Cubano

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry | M.D.


Ketamine of Central Florida

725 Primera Blvd, Suite 140

Lake Mary, Florida, 32746 United States

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Ketamine of Central Florida Background

Years in practice

17 years

School: University Of Puerto Rico

Graduated: 2004

Degree: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

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  • anonymous patient

    I have been a patient with Dr. Cubano for more than 3 years. He’s perceptive and advanced in the treatment of PTSD and Chronic Depressive Disorder. His staff are polite and professional. That being said, I have severe PTSD and it was an uphill battle with inadequate care for years before locating a doctor with on staff therapists who specializes in EMDR Therapy. Which I was not sure of until I had a treatment and a week passed, realized while waiting in the office for the next appointment that I had been less reclusive and more at ease in the week following than I had felt in years. No fight or flight and I was able to start leaving my home without feeling intense anxiety. I felt the lock to the prison being broken. Due to other events outside of treatment that caused additional trauma, I spoke with Dr. Cubano about Ketamine Infusion Therapy. My PTSD has been due to ongoing threats and I have lived fight or flight for more than 18 years with no peace. When I discovered Ketamine therapy through research on my own and looked for providers I found Dr. Cubano offered this in his practice. He is not openly pushing this as a suggested therapy and there are qualifying prerequisites to be a candidate for approval of Ketamine Infusion. After he advised me I was a candidate and explained at length the process, I proceeded with the treatments. They are not covered by insurance but a small investment in peace and returning to being an active member of a normal life. If I could best describe my experience, it was a instant immediate healing. Through 10 days of 5 closely monitored infusions I felt whole again, a smile real. My need to rejoin society and enjoy the things that used to bring me joy returned. While the infusions are administered I was monitored both by Dr. Cubano, a paramedic who was by my side and a member of Dr. Cubanos staff was present. We discussed before and after the treatments how I was feeling. It was a life changing experience and one that seems to cure the cells in the frontal lobe that are affected during a traumatic event. Anyone who suffers from ptsd can relate to the prison we feel locked in and this turned out to be my key to resuming a happy calm and the ability to look my demons in the eye and feel fear no more. His goal ultimately to cure me. He’s easy to talk with and listens intently. He’s present in the moment when discussing and has no nonsense opinions of how to deal with external factors from a more logic driven approach to avoid letting demons resurface not of my doing. His staff is equally involved and he is progressive in finding cures, not ongoing unending treatments. I wanted to get better for years before I found this practice, it was hit or miss and meds that did not work from prior providers. Dr. Cubano was very educational with the Ketamine Therapy and the environment he has in his office for the therapy is very peaceful and helps with the process. Although it’s more expensive the long term gains to be therapy free and free of anti-depressant medication which did not work for my PTSD fast tracked me to disguarding this horrible affliction for good and cleared me of my fears.

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