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Dr. Madkaiker administers Ketamine through an IV to ensure you get a steady dose appropriate for your body weight. The treatment lasts between 40-60 minutes, depending on the size of the dose. You’ll remain awake because you won’t receive a large enough dose to lose consciousness.

There’s a chance you’ll have an “out of body” experience or more subtle changes in your perceptions, such as seeing bright colors. Many patients find these side effects of Ketamine pleasant, and Dr. Madkaiker and his team will make sure you feel safe and comfortable while you undergo Ketamine infusion therapy. Dr. Madkaiker also recommends having a loved one in the room during the treatment.

The effects of Ketamine wear off soon after treatment, and you’ll likely be able to leave within a half-hour of the end of the procedure. You shouldn’t drive a car, operate machinery, or make important decisions for 12 hours after the procedure, so make sure to arrange transportation home.

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