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Kilauea Ketamine Clinic

Kilauea Ketamine Clinic

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  • L. O.

    They were able to fit me in with short notice and provided excellent information and helpful suggestions for possible treatments.

  • Cynthia M.

    I have being helped by Dr. Chris for several years now with detoxing my entire body and all systems within the body. My results thus far have been completely unbelievable. He is an amazing physician and healing doctor vs a doctor who just hands out prescriptions. He has completely changed my life, my health, my mental and emotional well being all by his remarkable homeopathic protocols for detox and healing. Im so very Thankful for Doctor Christopher Lawinski, MY Primary Care Physician.

  • Kiel W.

    Answered all my questions.

  • Scott S

    Dr Lawinski spent a lot of time with me during my initial visit. I am well, but we spent a great deal of time discussing ways to keep me that way. He really seemed to care about my wellness. That’s a real pleasure in this day of insurance quotas and assembly line doctor visits.

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