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Ketamine for PTSD: “Why did that happen to me?” This is the question that echoes in the minds of many trauma survivors. The question of “why” however highlights one of the fundamental ways in which ketamine treats PTSD. Often there is just nothing that can be articulated in words that will adequately answer this existential question on a subconscious level. If words could explain it, then talk therapy would have already worked. We have found that a question like this needs to be answered in a radically different way. It needs to be “answered” on a subconscious and spiritual level through the transformative experience of ketamine therapy. The experiential (or “psychedelic”) element of a ketamine journey helps patients reframe their paradigm of themselves in relationship to their trauma. Our goal is to reset their cognitive paradigms so that, on a subconscious level, their trauma no longer defines who they are.

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