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Juliana Mulligan (She Her)

Ibogaine Coach | BA Psychology


Inner Vision Ibogaine Coaching


New York, New York, 10007 United States

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How I work with Clients

I offer Ibogaine treatment preparation, integration, and post-treatment life structuring guidance. My belief is that everyone has a valid and unique path that led them to their present situation and this requires a flexible and open approach to healing.

Treatment Approach

My goal is to guide people to their own intuition and wisdom, rather than push a particular agenda, outcome, or single technique. Instead of endorsing a narrow range of treatment possibilities, like an abstinence only policy or 12 step meetings, my belief is that each person has a unique set of experiences that has led them to their current state which requires an open approach, encompassing many options and a variety of goals.

This could be anything from reduced use to total abstinence. Our sessions will focus on integration of the Ibogaine experience, the formation of new habits and practices, finding supportive community, and finding meaning in all of life’s experiences. I follow a Harm Reductionist approach which emphasizes meeting people where they are and empowering individuals to find their own distinctive path. My ultimate goal is that each person will learn to trust their own intuition and wisdom, knowing that the best healer is themselves.


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