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Pacific Ketamine Institute


Dr. Michael Steuer (He Him)

Medical Doctor | MD


Pacific Ketamine Institute

3200 Santa Monica Blvd, Unit 204

Santa Monica, California, 90404 United States

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School: University of Michigan Medical School

Graduated: 1987

Degree: MD

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License or Certificate Anesthesiology

License or Certificate Pain Management

Additional Training

Residency, Harvard Massachusetts Hospital Pain Management Fellowship, Cornell Medical Center-New York Hospital

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2 Reviews on “Pacific Ketamine Institute”

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  • Steven

    I can’t tell you have great I feel after receiving treatments at Pacific ketamine institute. My energy level returns, I sleep better and am able to engage in things I like to do with more energy, better state of mind, and just an overall feeling of wellness. Life is much lighter, I feel more social and am able to connect to friends and family easier after the treatments. Thank you so much Dr. Steuer and Andy!

  • Eniko

    A gracious thank you to Dr. Steuer for this wonderful opportunity to go through these treatments! I want to thank him and his staff I am forever humble and extremely happy. If you have Depression or PTSD please give it a try you will never regret it, I promise.

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