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How I work with Clients

The medicine ceremonies and In Person psychedelic experience have specific components in common. They both incorporate elements of the four pillars of my practice. Those pillars include Set and Setting, Establishing Intention, Integration of the experience, and providing an understanding of the nature of psychedelic medicine and being in a relationship with it. Clients participating in either receive similar informational materials. Working with clients individually allows more time to develop a rapport and an in-depth understanding of needs and concerns. A session is easily customized to meet those needs and address any concerns.

There is considerably more facilitation in a ceremony. Ceremonies consist of between 6 to 10 participants. They are a day and a half in duration. They include all accommodations and food. Participants are given specific directions about expectations and participation, i.e., arriving on time, turning off electronics, and not bringing intoxicants. Ceremonies start with container building. That is an opportunity for participants to become familiar with their surroundings, the flow of the ceremony and to be introduced to the ceremony leaders and each other. There is a discussion about individual safety and the privacy of what is shared. There is also a conversation about the sacred nature of psychedelic medicine and what constitutes appropriate dosing. Participants are asked to “check-in”. This short process allows one to share emotions or concerns before ingesting the medicine. There is an invocation calling in the directions and any personal guides or helpers. There is an opportunity to share one’s intentions. The medicine is then distributed, and participants return to their spots. There are always two facilitators present. Depending on the number of participants, a third facilitator might be present. After the medicine experience, a light, nutritious dinner is offered. Participants are invited to have private time, walking in nature, resting, journaling, or sleeping. A significant degree of quiet is always maintained. Between 8:30 and 9:00 in the morning, participants are woken up and invited to breakfast, again maintaining a degree of quiet. After breakfast, time is given to begin the integration process. This includes time for reflection and journaling. Participants are then invited to sit around a fire, share insights, any challenges encountered, and ask for support. There is a short ceremony to close the container and to have a final checkout where participants share in a few words emotions they are leaving with.

Treatment Approach

When engaging a person interested in my services, it is important to understand their interest in a psychedelic medicine session in relationship to their life. To that end, I offer a free exploratory phone call. That provides an opportunity for both me and the prospective client to make an informed decision to determine if my services will support them in the manner they seek. That call provides the basis for screening a possible new client and helps me obtain a more in-depth understanding of the person's specific needs and goals. I often suggest one or two coaching sessions before a session. It is also important to find out if the person has had any prior experience with psychedelic medicine. If I proceed, I will email a new client intake form and other related information. If I determine a prospective client is not a good fit for my practice or there are some obvious red flags I will inform them that I am not the right person to help them. It is uncommon to find a prospective client should not engage in psychedelic medicine. Several reasons indicate not moving forward, including mental health challenges, possible medication interactions, unreasonable expectations, or not aligning with my practice's mission. If a determination is made not to move forward, I will call the person and follow up with an email.

The preparation process begins with the documents shared with a client(s) before any session. A meeting is scheduled through Zoom or in-person to review “set and setting”. It is important to help set client expectations and intentions. Since I facilitate individual and group psychedelic experiences, “set and setting” is specific to each experience. It is also important to predetermine any particular needs a client(s) requires. Those needs can relate to dietary restrictions, access to prescription medications, or general comfort.

The Integration Process is more comprehensive with clients interested in an In Person psychedelic experience. Following the psychedelic experience, the integration phase assumes significant importance. It encompasses the essential task of helping clients assimilate the insights and emotions gained during the journey into everyday life. Integration often includes activities such as follow-up coaching sessions, journaling, meditation, or other practices aimed at aiding the seamless assimilation of the profound encounter.


Years in practice

25 years

School: Thomas Edision State College

Graduated: 1997

Degree: Bachelor's degree

School: New Your College of Health Professions

Graduated: 2001

Degree: Masters of Oriental Medicine

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License or Certificate Acupucnture

Date: Spetember 2019

Traditional Lineage Training

2 years Life Coaching, Lean Into Your Life, life coaching practice with emphasis on incorporating the use of psychedelic medicine. 5+ trained facilitator leading individual and small group psychedelic experiences. 22+ years business owner and primary clinician of Ann Arbor Holistic Health, a functional medicine practice located in Ann Arbor (MI), with annual revenues over $1.4 million. Patient population 70% woman and 30% men. 4+ years active in ManKind Project. MKP supports a global network of over 1,000 peer-facilitated men’s groups where men mentor men through the passages of their lives. 2+ years active in Path 2 Spirit Warrior Program. P2S offers weekend intensives to help men integrate personal growth, intention and direction to live a purposeful life. Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Advanced training in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, NYC. Master of Science in Oriental Medicine Syosset, NY New York College of Health Professionals 9/2017 Bachelor of Science in Undergraduate Studies Trenton, NJ Thomas Edison State College 11/2022 Certified Life Coach Certification 6/2023 Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine Intro to Therapeutic Uses of Psychedelics 6/2023 EMBARK Cybin, Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Additional Training

Over the course of my life, I have spent considerable time in South America and Mexico learning from indigenous healers and shamans. Including the Huichol Indians in Western Mexico and the Shuar and Quechua Indians of Ecuador and Peru. Most recently I spent a month in the Bolivian Andes living among the Kallawaya Indians who are traditional healers indigenous to the Bolivian Andes.

Other Affiliations

Man Kind Project, Path 2 Spirit Warrior

Psychedelic Therapy Certification Institutions
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Other Psychedelic Therapy Certifications

6/2023 Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine Intro to Therapeutic Uses of Psychedelics 6/2023 MBARK Cybin, Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

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$125.00 - $600.00

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