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NeuroRelief Ketamine & Infusion Therapy

NeuroRelief Ketamine & Infusion Therapy

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  • Greg G.

    I cant say enough about my experience with Dr. Harris and ketamine therapy.
    Let’s face it, we ALL carry trauma. We all have layers that are waiting to be stripped away in order to evolve. I am connected to the holistic medicine realm and have experienced many different modalities of healing. Ketamine infusion therapy, for me, was very unique. It took me on a journey deep into my subconscious like I’ve never experienced before. I left a completely different man with new knowledge of myself and of the universe. Dr. Harris treats you like family. His professional medical background ensured me that I was in good hands, which in turn enabled me to completely let go without any fear. I highly encourage anyone looking to enhance their life and well being, to give ketamine therapy a chance. I am forever grateful for the experience.

  • Irving F.

    First off, let me start by saying what a compassionate, caring, diligent and committed and extremely knowledgeable doctor Dr Harris is. A true champion in his field.

    Before meeting up with Dr Harris I had gone to two other ketamine clinics.

    Now, while those clinics may have been fine for patients suffering from minor to moderate levels of pain and/or depression, they just were not either equipped, willing or understanding enough to handle a near-critical-care- patient such as myself, who’s been suffering from the most excruciating, suicide levels of headaches, cognitive impairment and overwhelming brain fatigue.

    By this point, before my first appointment with Dr Harris, I had been run through the endless gamut of disinterested doctors, a barrage of inadequate tests/scans/labs and a mind blowing number of psychiatric and neurological meds and treatments that either did absolutely nothing….or magnified my symptoms to the point that it took every ounce of will power not to end my life.

    Prior to meeting Dr Harris, I’d forwarded him ALL of my medical records and notes of everything I’ve tried and everything that failed…which was essentially EVERYTHING!

    So, by the time we met up, Dr Harris had a clear picture of not only where my current health was at, but where I was emotionally as well, taking special care to notice the emotional toll that this ruthless past year and a half has had on my mental state.

    He immediately spoke to me as a friend. And as such, used that tone to explain the science behind this treatment, it’s amazing benefits, and more importantly, what he’d hoped it could do for me.

    For someone who’s never experienced “psychedelics” of any kind, ketamine can be a rude wake up call to how your ‘very reality’ will function and manifest itself in a way that’s truly hard to describe. I don’t think movies even properly capture the “psychedelic state” down to its essence.

    For a lot of people, I can imagine that a “one and done” mindset develops after the first attempt as it’s probably just TOO much to process.

    But Dr Harris incorporates as many precautions in order to help “ease” the trip, the journey as much as possible with positive, meditative music, comfortable lounge chairs, essential oils…all the while arranging each room differently so that patient feels as comfortable in it as possible.

    I did five total ketamine infusions with the goal of, if not curing myself from these devastating headaches, to at least get to a point where I’d feel just a little better. Either reduce the excruciating intensity of my headaches or improve some of my cognitive faculties.

    In the first session, Dr Harris had me sit in the recliner and he ensured I was comfortable; reclined, shoes off with a comfortable blanket – a scenario not unlike at home. He then connected me to a blood pressure cuff and heart monitor. He then set the mood with oil diffuser, the soothing, positive music and he then connected me to the IV. I was asked if I was ready and comfortable and then we were off. Dr Harris, in his unwavering care for all his patients, remained in the room to keep an eye on me as the infusion took place and constantly kept an eye on me throughout my infusion.

    To explain the experience during the infusion would be difficult. It’s like having five crayons to draw 1000 colors. There are no words in our vocabulary to describe it. Simply put, despite remaining in the reclined couch for 5 hours, your mind travels to a different place for what feels like eternity and anxiety, sadness, and anger are emotions that cannot be felt. At times I felt like I was in the movie Interstellar or a part of a recent television series I had watched.

    When the infusion was finished and I was back to reality, Dr Harris was there patiently tending to me and maintaining my comfort. He also, without question, waited with me until my brother arrived to pick me up and we were capable of exiting the building and taken home. .

    After all 5 treatments, I began to experience some benefits, lowered intensity in pain and some minor, but noticeable, cognitive improvements.

    I am in the process of either continuing with more sessions or will most likely be admitted into a specialty clinic for my headaches where the doctors there will be able to run more sophisticated tests and more aggressive or experimental treatments.

    Either way, I would absolutely NOT have made it this far in my journey, to see another day, without Dr Harris’ immense compassion, well thought treatment and continuing of my health and well being…even now that I am no longer his patient.

    There is no one better in this field, with this much experience in so many medical disciplines how cares this much about each and everyone of his patients as if he/she were the only one.

    Trust in Dr Harris and your journey is in the best hands possible.

  • Rachel Z.


    I had severe depression and PTSD for years, and had reached a point that medication and therapy was still not enough to help me. Dr. Harris had me in after a thoughtful phone consult by the next day to start my six treatments. I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t get my hopes up for fear of being disappointed in a time I was already hopeless.

    But after just one day, I began to feel things. The day after my first session, the sun hit my face and I realized it felt good. I could FEEL things again and had gotten so used to being disconnected and numb, I had not even realized what I had lost. Not only did my mood increase, my anxiety lessened, I felt more present and less dissociated, and my chronically cold hands and feet are now warm again – I’m no longer locked into fight or flight, after years of being so.

    My treatments consisted of an hour session with around a couple hours each time of unpacking and discussion afterward. Dr. Harris is reassuring, encouraging, and attentive, as well as easy to talk to. I initially felt nervous about the idea of essentially confronting my demons, and while scary to do at first, learning to let go and enjoy the session only got easier.

    I am only two days post treatment completion, but if only half of this current relief from treatment sticks, I’ll be more than satisfied. It’s truly transformative and Dr. Harris is truly doing something magical here.

  • Nhan N.

    I’ve had a mental breakdown when I was 24, which was when I was diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, and DDNOS(Dissociative disorder not otherwise specified). Since then I have tried EMDR, EFT, Neurofeedback, SSRI medications, therapy, somatic experiencing therapy, amongst other modalities which did help, but I was still suffering and numb with no real lasting relief. I understand the frustration when it comes to therapy and also feeling misunderstood by mental health professionals, which can be very demoralizing sometimes and make us feel like there is no hope.

    Upon getting my 6 treatments with Dr. Harris, I felt immediately understood by him and that he really was interested in my recovery. I can tell you that in regards to dealing with developmental trauma, abuse, a personality disordered individuals, Dr. Harris was the most knowledgeable person I have ever spoken to. The worst part about PTSD is not being understood by those who haven’t experienced it; and Dr. Harris will explain to you in very concise laymen’s terms so that it is understandable as to why we do the things we do, but also feel compassionate towards those parts of ourselves as well.

    I cannot tell you how much I’ve learned from the consultations I’ve had with Dr. Harris. Instead of feeling insane and broken as an individual, I realize that I was a normal human being that simply had to adapt to abnormal circumstances, and that there was nothing to be ashamed of. I survived, and am now ready to heal and process the un-processable.

    Now onto the Ketamine: It makes our brain more neuroplastic, which will allow us to go deeper to try to process what we’ve been putting off for such a long time. I’ve been completely numb for the past 10 years; I literally feel nothing prior to treatment, but now, I can tell you I feel a bit more real and in my body, not observing myself in my body but actually feel my arms and legs as if they were mine. It sounds strange to people who don’t have PTSD, but for me it’s quite a big deal to feel since I’ve felt hollow like a ghost for so many years. I feel like the ketamine plants seeds in our minds so that we can heal ourselves little by little and make lasting changes.

    The insights that I’ve discovered from my treatments I really do cherish: I realized that I am loved, that I was innocent, that I was strong, good, and that there is hope for recovery; it is only a matter of time now. I lived my entire life believing otherwise, and believe me that having a change of perspective makes all the difference. Just these things were worth it alone for me. I really do feel lucky and grateful to have met and undergone treatment with Dr. Harris.

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