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Enjoy Psilocybin at Home or Come on Retreat

Leti & Chi (They Them)

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Mushroom Tao

United States

Los Angeles, California,  United States

Website: mushroomtao.com

Appointments: In Person Online

How I work with Clients

At Home Psilocybin Program -- Connect with an experienced guide and receive psilocybin mushrooms so you can start microdosing or macrodosing at your own pace with confidence.

Private Retreat Program -- A personalized multi-month process, including a 3- or 7-day retreat in Costa Rica along with at-home preparation and follow-up integration.

Treatment Approach

We are guided by the Mushroom Spirit and the Tao. As our teachers, they inspire us to flow with life in joy, balance, and harmony.

The Tao is simultaneously the natural order of the Universe, and a philosophy of living that follows nature’s laws. To live in accordance with the Tao means to trust life’s natural intelligence -- to bear witness to its organic spontaneity and creativity. We let beings go their own way without interfering. We develop faith, wisdom, and compassion.

Sacred Mushrooms are Taoist masters. They teach us to slow down and reflect. They guide us back to ourselves. They accept and love us unconditionally.

As your facilitators on the psilocybin journey, we support your experience as kind, silent witnesses to whatever unfolds naturally. We listen and hold a judgement-free container where you feel comfortable and safe to be vulnerable and let go of control.

We allow you and the mushrooms to work together, as you remember to trust your Inner Healing Intelligence to lead the way.

Aligning with the Tao and the Mushroom Spirit brings us back into balance. When we let go of the need to chase, achieve and accumulate, we realize we are already whole. We act from a place of abundance, generosity, and gratitude.

We envision:
‍A world where psilocybin mushrooms can help human beings connect and live harmoniously with themselves, the environment, and all living beings.

Our mission is:
‍To offer support, resources, and environments for people to heal and grow with psilocybin journeys.

We thank you for trusting us to share our teachers with you.


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Traditional Lineage Training

tripsitters.org Buddhist masters, yoga, somatic experiencing, trauma-informed plant medicine, end-of-life doula introduction

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$180.00 - $23500.00

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