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Mahalo Kambo

Cheylynn (She Her)


Mahalo Kambo


Papaaloa, Hawaii, 96773 United States

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Aloha Family~ 🐸

Kambo comes from a secretion produced by the Phyllomedusa Bicolor monkey tree frog in the amazonian jungle. This ancient healing modality has been used by indigenous tribes for ages to clear and improve their health and wellbeing on many levels, they also use it as a way to improve their hunting skills as it has the ability to sharpen the senses and improve stamina.

Upon receiving Kambo through light burns on the skin, one typically experiences an increase in temperature, heart rate and blood pressure, and you may hear your heartbeat. The actual effects of Kambo usually last about 15-30 minutes. However, a ceremony as a whole usually takes around 2 hours for individual sessions, and 4-5 hours for groups.

When sitting with Kambo a purge begins to come on and and clients may release and purge in various ways:
• Vomiting (clearing the inside of the body: organs, tissues, etc.)
• Bowel release (lower intestines are cleaning out; bathroom near by if this process occurs)
• Shaking (nervous system releasing trauma and emotions)
• Tetany or Lobster hands (when the body is releasing trauma)
• Crying or emotional release (finally feeling those feelings that have been repressed)

It does happen occasionally that people pass out from Kambo for a few moments. It is said this can be a powerful way for one to leave the body in order to do ancestral healing, on a different timeline.

All of these forms of purge are the body going through a releasing process; physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. When we go through traumatic situations the body has a tendency to hold onto this. It then is held within the body in muscle memory. So as we are purging we are not only purging the water & accumulated toxins from food & environment, but also all the things the body has been suppressing: stories, traumas, illness, dis-ease, emotions, mental loops, etc. ~

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