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Clarity Integrative Psychiatry


Dr. Naveen Thomas

Doctor of Medicine | MD


Clarity Integrative Psychiatry

3050 Broadway

Boulder, Colorado, 80304 United States

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Treatment Approach

Dr. Thomas has been trained to perform a comprehensive integrative psychiatric evaluation. Although this includes all of the important aspects of a conventional psychiatric evaluation (such as presenting problems, psychiatric history, medical history, etc), it also includes other important components.

These may include an evaluation of laboratory data (such as Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D levels, Iron, etc.) from the perspective of optimal neurological functioning.

In his treatment planning with you, he will consider a wide variety of treatment options such as targeted nutritional supplements, diet optimization, referral to appropriate psychotherapy services and many others.

Clarity Integrative Psychiatry Background

School: Emory University School of Medicine

Degree: MD

License or Certificate Medical License, #0061647 Colorado

More information & resources

Ketamine Treatment in Conventional Psychiatry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5bkeN7ou-s

Client Reviews

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  • Anonymous

    After almost a year of seeing Dr. Thomas and being in his care, my entire life has improved. From a realignment of work-life balance from always being worried and stressed to a mindset where going to work and coming home are now pleasant experiences. Dr. Thomas’ soft nature approach has allowed him to efficiently and effectively understand my needs as a patient and provide extremely specialized treatment. He is certainly not a doctor who treats his patients all the same. He incredibly good at simply listening and quickly understanding what next steps to take. His personalized treatment and holistic approach to a balanced life is what makes him an exceptional doctor.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Thomas took an in depth approach in helping me with my ADHD. In stead of simply writing a prescription, Dr. Thomas reviewed my diet and recommended supplements (not his products, completely non bias) that have impacted my clarity and ability to stay focused. I liked Dr. Naveen so much, I continued to use him after my employer switched to a HMO that was outside his network.

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