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Paul Abramson


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  • Joanne Lee

    After the Mayo Clinic and Stanford failed, Dr. Abramson is saving my daughter’s life. He is a brilliant, dedicated Doctor who devised a plan that is working. He and his staff define the extra mile and are available 24/7. My daughter now has a chance thanks to Dr. Abramson!

  • Tim H.

    He gave me a free phone consultation where he listened to my specific situation and needs and gave me advice and told me that his services would not be of use to me, but told me what I should do (inpatient care).

    I really appreciated and valued his feedback and he really took time to guide me in the right direction with his expertise. Thanks Dr Abramson for your help!

  • Kate Crawford-Morris

    If you’re looking for half hearted cattle drive style treatment with out of date protocol this is not the place for you. Top of the line medical care is not going to be cheap so I would not see this caliber of doctor for a hangnail. But when my health is at stake this is where I go. Anything worth having comes at a price. This doctor ,this practice is worth every penny.

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