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Oral Ketamine Treatments at Home with Medical Team Support


My Ketamine Home

1330 Coral Way, Suite 200

Miami, Florida, 33145 United States

Website: myketaminehome.com


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  • CIIS

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7 Reviews on “Oral Ketamine Treatments at Home with Medical Team Support”

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  • Stephanie

    I’ve dealt with CPTSD and depression my entire life. I am amazed at how effectively the ketamine has been to restore my usual positive outlook. Everyone at My Ketamine Home has had a positive outlook and I hope and pray if you or someone you love lives with depression, please give this process a chance. It’s incredible.

  • Kimberly

    After more than 20 years suffering from PTSD I’ve finally found a treatment that is profoundly restorative. This allows me to process and heal. The staff at My Ketamine Home are professional and I feel comfortable working with them. I’m very grateful for their services.

  • Gabriel

    So professional, so compassionate. I’ve always been very interested in exploring consciousness through the use of psychedelics along with addressing chronic pelvic pain that I’ve had since 2006. But the anxiety related to procuring illegal drugs and not knowing exactly what you’re ever getting has been a major impediment to me undertaking this therapy. No more. My ketamine home manages and prescribes pharmaceutical grade ketamine for you to take in a series of experiences that can be incredibly eye opening. Combined with the Waking Up App they recommend from Sam Harris I have been feeling as good as I’ve felt in years and I’m optimistic I will continue to address and resolve my long term chronic issues. Thanks for everything My Ketamine Home

  • Mitchell

    After 35 years of dealing with PTSD symptoms I’ve been able to recognize my triggers and discuss them with professionals. I’ve developed a mature and responsible foundation that I may fall back on if I feel my disorder influencing my behavior. And I’m able to grow and progress in my personal relationship and I now enjoy life with enthusiasm. The process is remarkably fast, safe and as a professional, I recommend this to anyone stuck in life’s quicksand. The process is amazing.

  • Marlena

    I am forever grateful for this group! They have helped me to dig deep for true healing within and in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend EVERYONE for this experience. Especially with Dr. Hassan, where I can truly trust the process. The team is absolutely great! Thank you!!!!

  • David

    Thank You My Ketamine Home y’all are such a great team and I am feeling much better after finding your clinic! Although my wife was not initially in great support of Ketamine therapy with it being labeled “Psychedelic”, she was on board with me trying to better myself. After much discussion she agreed to be my sitter and I moved forward with the 6-experience ketamine at home package. After just a couple of my “experiences” my wife told me that she was noticing such significant benefits in me she had not seen before and this now erased the stigma of the word “Psychedelic” for her.

    More patience, much less anxiety, enjoying random things much more are some of the things I/we found noticeably amplified on the days and weeks in between taking a dose. After 3 doses is when I started to really feel benefits as long lasting and profound. I haven’t had any desire to drink alcohol in months and avoided going back to other pharmaceuticals I was considering revisiting too. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the My Ketamine Home clinic without being located in Miami. Huge Thanks to the entire My Ketamine Team for being so caring, helpful, and amazing throughout the process!

  • Justin

    Had a great experience working with this company. Very helpful throughout entire process, great staff, competitive rates, many types of treatment. Would highly recommend if you are looking into ketamine treatments!

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