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Shea Prueger (She Her)

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Atenas, Costa Rica

Atenas, Alajuela Province,  Costa Rica


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How I work with Clients

Ibogaine Revelations approaches each client with a unique and individualized plan.

We recognize that ibogaine is not a "one size fits all" medicine and tailor each session to match a client's needs, interests, physiological demands, personality, as well as behavioral patterns.

From our day-to-day itinerary, to ibogaine dosing, to integration and booster/microdoses -- everything is individualized so that it is safe and supportive of the client.

Treatment Approach

Over ten years I have learned a lot about ibogaine and the way it works people.

We never start our clients upon arrival. We stabilize most substance dependent people for at least 4 days before treatment. We like to spend time getting to know our non substance people as well!

We use smaller doses with diagnostic tools such as an ECG in the few days before treatment to gauge a perosn's sensitivity and reaction to the medicine. This helps us moving forward.

While we do flood doses, which is a traditional way of working with clients, we also work with a low and repeated dosing protocol for higher risk individuals. Please speak to us about this option as it can take quite a bit of time.


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School: Iowa State University

Additional Training

Eric Taub introduced me to ibogaine and I began training with Lex Kogan not too long after. I learned a lot from Lex about how the medicine works and how to interact with people, but time would give me the knowledge that I wasn't built to work in large centers with a rapid flood dose protocol and short stays. Erika Florianova, psychotherapist who is also a provider at I Begin Again Czech Republic taught me holistic practices that I integrate into my practice. I completed an EMT course in SE Asia. I always remain AED and First Aid certified. I read and perform ECGs as I have apprenticed under a couple of doctors in Central America. I am trained in rescue diving.

Other Affiliations

Root Ibogaine Collective co-founder, Find my writing about ibogaine - as well as PTSD - on Psychable! Follow me for the updates on the book I am writing!

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