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Moon Cycle Medicine: A Non-Profit Healing Project


Moon Cycle Medicine Inc.

110 Seward St., Juneau, AK 99801

Juneau, Alaska, 99801 United States


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4 Reviews on “Moon Cycle Medicine: A Non-Profit Healing Project”

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  • Tannis Kearns

    Kayla is Amazing! I love that she has a foundation in western medicine. (It has a place). But she is a wholistic healer who has a bright shining spirit and a wise mind. She has connections with many MDs and Naturopathic Practitioners, both here I town and in the lower 48, will work with them all to help her you well.

  • Adrienne Catone

    Dr. Luhrs is not your typical doctor. She takes the time to focus on whole life wellness and to determine how health care can support you in your life goals. It’s nice to meet someone who has the education, skill and knowledge-base of modern scientific medicine but who also sees the complimentary benefits of traditional, natural medicine.

  • Megan Graves

    I received the best care with Kayla! I loved the ability to get custom care that we designed together which ultimately optimizes my life long health!

  • Susan Iris Landa

    Dr. Luhrs is the kind of doctor I’ve always wanted: someone who understands everything that comprises health, beyond allopathic medicine and especially for women.

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