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  • Julia

    Dr. Glen Z. Brooks is as important an ingredient to Ketamine therapy, as is the drug itself. Ketamine therapy is not unlike a type of Neuro-reprogramming…if done in a compassionate environment with a specific end in mind under the facilitation of an kind and empathetic health care provider, a great amount of progress can be made. Dr. Brooks is a fantastic and caring physician whom put great effort into my treatment. He’s also easy, congenial and interesting to speak with! I can’t thank him enough! His treatments have eliminated all depressive thoughts and have helped me adjust to living with PTSD rather well. Dr. Brooks is integral to the therapeutic outcome!

  • Maria

    I’m a chronic sufferer of low grade depression, ptsd, and anxiety. I’ve spent my adult life exploring and experimenting with different types of treatments. Most have left me feeling hopeless and indifferent to continuing with trusting physicians in mental health care. Which also includes specialists causing me more trauma having to discuss emotions and thoughts on repeat . Medications I’ve taken over the years have not only caused me side effects but also mood swings that clouded my judgment and trust overall.

    I came to dr brooks during this moment of crisis. He is the most empathetic healthcare professional I have ever met and I trust him with my life. I realize that now I’ve made my story public for those who may not know in support of his cause. A real hero is one who works with heart. Dr brooks is a hero. Thank you for empathy and support!

  • Deanna

    Without going into very personal details, I sought out Dr. Brooks at an extraordinarily difficult time in my life and I can’t even imagine what would have become of my life had Dr. Brooks not set up an expedited appointment for me to begin treatment. After just a few sessions I began to feel very real relief, and now with occasional booster maintenance I feel normal again! He has been to me, a savior, healer and an incredibly non judgmental confidant. My quality of life has improved many times over because of Dr. Brooks and his treatments.

  • Melissa

    Dr. Brooks saved my life. I have had the most incredible and amazing journey, and only 4 treatments in. For anyone that is suffering from long-term depression, this is definitely an option to explore. I could see how this might not be for everyone, but don’t let the government influence of “drugs are bad” influence your decision. This experience has left me feeling like a completely new human being. Both Dr. Brooks and his staff are extremely accommodating and truly care. I can’t express enough my thanks and gratitude for operating a ketamine infusion center.

  • Anonymous

    Love and adore Dr. Brooks I fly from Texas to see him because he’s knowledgeable and I trust him as a woman. Never has Dr. Brooks given counseling advice, the 1 star comment is a liar. Dr. Brooks is too busy helping patients to chit chat. One of the very few people I trust in life. He’s not a counselor for the fool that left a 1 star. He’s a REAL DOCTOR not some psychologist. Yes Doctors ask what you are taking that’s standard. Best Doctor I have ever had and he saved my life. I would recommend everyone with PTSD and severe depression if you want to live a normal functioning life. I would be dead without him. Also as a female I feel comfortable around him which is one of my phobias with male Doctors. Finally the cloud lifted I started setting goals, seeing colors brighter and I actually skipped down the street smiling for once. From suicide to a completely normal happy functioning member of society. Gift from God??????????????

  • Sybelle

    A kind and caring environment, Dr. Brooks and the staff are sensitive to patients’ needs, and take them seriously. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. So grateful to have found them. They saved my life. My experience was just like what the woman from Texas detailed below.

  • Nancy

    Imagine this. You pick up the phone and call a renowned NYC specialist in the midst of a RLS/depression episode and he answers the phone. You read that right. Dr. Glen Brooks spent the next 30 minutes on the phone with me getting all the necessary details, history, list of current meds, etc. He called in the much-needed meds to my pharmacy in NC. This stranger was there for me when I didn’t know where to turn, and he has answered every email and phone call since. This man has the patience of a saint! There are no words to describe Dr. Brooks, other than a gift from God. Thank you, kind sir, from the bottom of my heart. —Nancy Thompson, 66

  • AB

    What a kind man. Literally just wants to help people. A rarity in the doctor world. I owe him so much.

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