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New York City-Based Psychiatrist Offering Holistic Approach

Drew Bianchi

Psychiatrist | MD


110 W 96th St

New York, New York, 10025 United States

Website: drewbianchimd.com

Appointments: In Person Online

How I work with Clients

I like to work with patients who have a curiosity and a sense of awe and wonder about life; to help others realize their potential and explore spiritual cravings that haven’t been quite understood or satiated.

I don’t believe medications are “the answer,” but may have the appropriate time and place. I work with clients who want to seek deeper, not numb emotions with medications. I recognize the limitations of the Western medical model and have a healthy respect for the mind/body connection.

I am a long-time meditator and a big proponent of mindfulness and other holistic practices. I also seek to incorporate dream work in therapy. Like Jung, I believe dreams reveal, don’t conceal.

If you want to have a space to think “outside the box” and ponder some of the deeper questions in life, let's connect.


School: University at Buffalo Medical School

Degree: MD

License or Certificate Doctor of Medicine, #258367 New York

Payment & Insurance

Cost per session

$250.00 - $500.00

Accepted forms of payment
  • PayPal
  • Cash
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  • Health Savings Account
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