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Amy Begley, MS, CRNA, APRN

Amy Begley, MS, CRNA, APRN

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  • Fiona

    Amy is amazing and ketamine has completely changed my life. She made me feel comfortable about trying something completely new and by the 2nd infusion I had a new outlook on life.

  • Anonymous

    My depression went from severe to mild by infusion 3. Amy is knowledgable, professional and was really there for me. Customer service was top notch and I will get all treatments from Ketamine Wellness Infusions.

  • Jess

    After my boyfriend suffered through 20 years of depression and suicidal thoughts. We were running out of options and had lost hope for improvement of his symptoms. After years of medication changes and an extended hospital stay, I didn’t feel like they were doing all they could so I began searching for options. I thought something had to be available. They they had suggested the next step was TMS, but after research I knew that was not the best option. I had heard about Ketamine from a friend and started researching this as a treatment option.

    That’s when I found Amy. After 15 + emails everything was in place and we were off to Mount Juliet, Tn to give this treatment series a chance to prove what it could do.

    And it DID! Beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. After the first treatment his suicidal ideations were gone! The treatment was a series of 6 infusions in a two week period and with each one his mood improved and his life was given back to him! After 20 years…he was able to feel happiness again, his personality has returned and he says he hasn’t felt better in 20 years…after the first day I could see a change in his eyes.

    That all being said…I would absolutely recommend this clinic, Amy, and Ketamine to anyone who has had chronic depression with no relief from medications! True miracle!

    I also owe the biggest of thank you’s to Amy for being so kind and informative as we set this treatment up from 4 hours away. She was truly amazing with him, explaining what was happening, and what to expect throughout the whole process. We could not have asked for a better/sweeter person to guide us through this experience.

    We are now 3 months post infusions and he has shown no signs of depression returning.

    For us…this was a miracle treatment.

    Don’t hesitate to give this treatment a try!

  • J.E.

    I wish I could give Ms Amy ten stars! She is a great person and really cares for her patients! My husband has been diagnosed (about 9 months ago) with MDD and PTSD. We started our journey with Amy about 6 months ago. My husband had been doing a lot of research, reading articles, watching YouTube videos etc about ketamine treatment for depression and ptsd. I googled and found this place and Amy. The first time I spoke to her she was so friendly, she answered my 1,000 questions. She’s so down to earth. The first time we met it was like we’ve known her for years. As of now my husband’s had about ten sessions. And what a positive profound effect on his depression .In his words it has been a godsend to have found Amy and this treatment. Such a blessing in our life. I truly think that without this I don’t know if he would still be here with me, it got to that low low point and it was so hard. But this gave him light and hope, which was not there for so long. We’re so blessed to have Amy and these ketamine treatments. Her place is always clean and warm, welcoming. I highly recommend you research ketamine, give it a try. Go see Amy! You won’t be sorry! It’s such a great treatment option, it has really saved him! It works differently than medications with terrible side effects too! Reach out to her, it really does work! Thanks so much Amy!

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