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Ocala, Florida, 34471 United States

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4+ years as ketamine practitioner, 20+ years as MD

School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Graduated: 1996

Degree: MD

School: Vanderbilt University

Graduated: 2003

Degree: MPH

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  • Ma De

    I’m so thankful to Dr. Milbrandt for opening a much needed Ketamine infusion Clinic in North Central Florida. I used to have to travel to Atlanta costing me quite a bit of money in lodging, travel and treatment expenses. Not only is its proximity a plus, but also, the treatment’s affordability, his super friendly staff, and level of professionalism and care. I also appreciate his follow ups and willingness to answer any questions. He is highly recommended.

  • J. Wayne Vaughn

    You will find HOPE here! Loving, caring staff and Dr. Milbrandt’s knowledge and expertise combined with his personable care are superb! My life is evermore changed by this Christian group of caring professionals!

  • Rita Lehman

    If suffering, please read!! I am not sure how to capture my experience and share it in a comprehensible and relatable way but I’m compelled to try. If this reaches just one person suffering, then it is worth sharing. All I know is that depression (& related anhedonia) has stolen my life since I was a young girl. I am 44 years old now and have had decades of treatment after treatment without relief. Honestly, I had given up. My only motivation to even try IV ketamine infusion was a last-ditch effort for the sake of my husband. I sincerely did not believe it would work for me even though the literature reports upwards of 75% of treatment-resistant depression patients find relief. I was assuming the same results from decades of trying countless combinations of medications and cognitive-behavioral Therapies. My doctor recommended the infusion Clinic of Ocala well over a year ago. I just got around to making my first appointment 2 weeks ago. Currently I have had four initial infusions of IV Ketamine in the past 2 weeks. 6 initial infusions are recommended over a two to three-week period. I have two more scheduled to complete this initial phase of treatment. Then I can call the clinic when I need a maintenance infusion. Again the literature states patients get maintenance infusions every 1 to 6 months. Now for the hope!! I am having such wonderful days…my mood going from a negative to a 10 …on a 1 (bad) to a 10 (great) scale. I’m not talking about moments of clarity and contentment…I’ve experienced a full 2 weeks of fresh, new perspectives and happiness. Yes, me!! I’m not a scientist and do not claim to know exactly how Ketamine in lower doses helps one climb out of the deep, dark hole of depression, but I am here to say that it certainly does! I am extremely and pleasantly surprised by its fairly immediate and lasting (so far) effects. Yes, I am concerned it is going to go away…or fade with time, but I am encouraged to stay positive and found this new, beautiful hope for life and the future! Again, I am just at the initial phase, and will reach out again as time goes on to report how I do, but felt the need to let you know its extreme, positive effects. Dr. Eric Milbrandt and staff are life-changers. They care about my recovery and it shows in their interactions with me and their other patients. From an initial information-gathering call with Connor to the infusions with Josh and Dr. Milbrant, The Infusion Clinic of Ocala has revived my hope that I do not have to live everyday with crippling depression. At first I was skeptical to the nth degree, but now I want to spread the word that there actually is HOPE! I cannot express my gratitude fully…there are no words. Thank you Dr. Milbrandt and staff for giving me my life back!!

  • Andrea Cheatham

    The doctor and staff are caring and compassionate. I have had several treatments and I really feel confident in saying they are making me better. I have struggled for decades trying different medications and therapies, but since coming here, I now have hope and feel like I can live a better life.

  • Maddy Hughes

    I cannot stress enough how amazing the doctor here is. Dr. Milbrandt is the first doctor I have met in my entire life who genuinely cares not only about me, but all his patients. He is the only doctor I have ever been able to open up to and be honest with. He treats you as if you were a family member or friend, not just another patient. Even when I’m not there, he is available to contact and there have even been times he has contacted me just to make sure I am doing okay. The first time I met him I was in a horrible place and may not have come off as the friendliest person, but he still treated me as if I was. It is an absolute blessing to have him and his clinic here. For anybody considering ketamine infusions, this is the best place you could go for them. I have never felt scared or unsafe. I have 100% confidence and trust in ALL of the staff to do the infusions safely and effectively. Connor is an amazing front desk employee who seems to do a beautiful job and is the friendliest face to see when you first walk in. Another notable mention is one of the newer IV therapists, Josh. My last few infusions have been with him and I can tell he knows exactly what he is doing and he is very pleasant and great to have a conversation with. All of the staff is great, not just the ones I have mentioned by name. Ketamine has changed my life forever. I no longer experience chronic dark thoughts and for the first time ever I am able to both feel and control a full spectrum of emotions healthily. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Milbrandt and all his staff.

  • Tania M.

    I love the infusion clinic. I have my energy back and my quality of life has improved. Such a caring and compassionate staff! Thank you!

  • Amy Nunez

    It is Rare in today’s world to find a caring MD – one that REALLY cares and will work with you to see that you are well! I traveled from Indiana to Florida just to see Dr. Milbrandt and feel 100% I made the right decision. I am currently receiving SOT treatment for Lyme Disease & Epstein Barr, and Dr. “M” has been here every step of the way to answer all my questions. He seems never to be bothered by my numerous inquiries and ALWAYS gets back to me in a timely manner. The front office is organized (a rare find) and his office is very clean. The staff is friendly and has been extremely helpful, especially when I had procedural questions – they know what they are doing but they put up with my questioning : ). Although any of us would want to profit from having a business, Dr. ‘M’ has put his medical oath/ethics above anything else – you can see this not only by the way he treats you as a person, but also by his charges for treatment (which are extremely fair and not gouging). I have already referred the clinic to several Lyme patients and will continue to do so through my Lyme journey.

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