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South Florida Ketamine Centers

7550 South Red Road, Suite 211

South Miami, Florida, 33143 United States

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$149.00 - $3999.00

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  • Cigna
  • Humana
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  • English
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Client Reviews

4 Reviews on “South Florida Ketamine Centers”

Overall rating
  • bruce lehn

    Excellent experience. Friendly, capable and professional. I will most definitely be back:)

  • Adam

    I am thoroughly pleased with the services of the staff. They have made a nice, warm, and welcoming atmosphere to have these infusions done and if they were not as devoted to my care I doubt I would still be getting infusions there. I’m currently on infusion #5 for treatment resistant depression and have yet to feel any positive effects from the infusions yet I hold out hope for infusion #5 and #6. I understand that some effects of the ketamine are cumulative and might not be felt as early as I would like.

    I really have to praise the attentiveness of the staff. If the manner in which the ketamine is infused makes a difference to you and you are considering ketamine infusions, the South Florida Ketamine Centers are the place to go. Dr. Lopez, Dr. Powell, Noemi and Paulina are super positive, warm and inviting.

    Honestly, I was scared out of my wits about coming – I didn’t know what to expect in such a procedure. The staff answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. I am still nervous about going in, rightly so, but much less now than at infusion #1.

    Best of luck – Adam.

  • Melissa Jurado

    I called South Florida Ketamine Centers on behalf of a friend who was struggling with depression. She had tried different medications but none seemed to truly work and she was starting to feel hopeless. I was able to convince her to speak with the staff at South Florida Ketamine Centers and they helped her realize that ketamine infusions were a potential solution. She just had her first infusion and is already starting to feel much better hours later. She was very comfortable with the small team of caring medical professionals and felt safe in their hands. I can’t thank you enough for your help and care of my close friend. I know she will be in good hands with future infusion treatments.

  • Curtis Parker

    I have a very high regard for this place and I honestly can’t believe that there aren’t more places like this all over the map. I feel as though my engagement with Ketamine, generally speaking, and South Florida Ketamine Centers more specifically has peeled back the night and revealed the illuminating warmth of the morning sun. My life has become so much happier and healthier as a result of these treatments and those around me have even noticed that I’m a more engaging and better person.

    Beyond the profound change to my life these Ketamine infusions have caused, lay the people behind SFKC. To be sure, they are warm and friendly and very flexible with my often hectic work/life schedule. I can’t be more positive about these infusions and SFKC; I was skeptical- though uncharacteristically optimistic- before the infusions started. Now I have to say I am an enthusiastic proponent of Ketamine and this wonderful business.

    I strongly recommend both Ketamine and South Florida Ketamine Centers to anyone and I would be happy to discuss my experience further.

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