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Our Team Brings This Proven Therapy to Patients in a Safe and Comfortable Outpatient Setting


IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago

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Chicago, Illinois, 60654 United States

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4 Reviews on “Our Team Brings This Proven Therapy to Patients in a Safe and Comfortable Outpatient Setting”

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  • Danielle F.

    Dr.Bal Nandra is an amazing doctor! He is very knowledgable on anti-aging and overall health. We found a great system to help me combat my fatigue and mental clarity. I highly recommend the NAD+ infusions. The staff here is friendly and professional, and I’m so happy I am finally feeling energized again! Thank you Dr.Nandra & entire office.

  • Jason P.

    I can’t say enough about my experience with Ketamine Centers of Chicago/IV Solution. I started going to Dr Nandra for Ketamine treatments for depression and anxiety back in 2017 and the results have been life changing. After struggling for years trying to find the proper medication and dealing with certain side effects from those prescriptions I spent 6 months or so researching ketamine treatments and how its being used to combat mental illness. All I can say is its given me my normal life back. Dr. Nandra and his team have always been extremely accommodating and go out of their way to make me feel extremely comfortable.

  • Bill R.

    Dr. Nandra and his staff do a terrific job! I have worked a lot with Dr. Prabe and have been impressed with his clinical skills. I highly recommend them for the very professional and compassionate work that they do.

  • Amber W.

    Dr. Nandra and his team saved my life! I am post doc with treatment resistant depression and anxiety. It felt like I had tried every medication, meditation, exercise, therapy and nothing worked. I was barely getting out of bed and getting through my day, I had isolated myself from everyone and slept most of the time. My hands were constantly shaking, I was dropping things and my performance at work suffered. I had no interest in the activities I once enjoyed, family, friends, sex, food, art and music. I was so sick and tired of the side effects from the medications that just didn’t seem to do anything! I was so close to tapping out of this life…

    After the very 1st IV Ketamine treatment I immediately no longer felt like tapping out! By Treatment 6 I felt like a reset button had switched on in my brain. I successfully weened myself off all the medications (Do not do this without supervision from your Psychiatrist) and I quit smoking. I am now able to look at all of my life events from a completely objective stand point without any of the emotional baggage! I no longer commiserate about the past or stress about the future! Now that I am living in the moment, time feels as though it has slowed down and I am so much more productive in all my endeavors!

    So many little aspects of my life have improved; I can drive better, make decisions faster, remember where I have placed things, I am no longer late all the time! I enjoy going out and being around other people, I am at ease and comfortable in a crowd. I have so much energy now, for this first time in my life I can feel endorphins from working out, I’m down to my high school weight without even really trying! Food has taste again, smells are more intense, colors are brighter, music and art bring me joy! My hands no longer shake and I am more dexterous than ever. I only lay in my bed to sleep 7 hours a night and wake up feeling rested, it’s amazing!

    Dr. Nandra is a good person and a fantastic Physician, his calming presence and quick thinking saved me at a very dark time in my life. He is even keeled with a very compassionate bedside demeanor and staffs his modern office with caring, kind and welcoming Doctors, Nurses and Secretaries. They even have a support group for after treatment you can join! Life once again seems full of possibilities and choices and I am eternally grateful! Thank you!!!

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