Pain Management and Addiction Medicine Specialist with Over 30 Years of Clinical Experience

Dr. Neal Taub (He Him)

Medical Doctor | MD


Charlotte Ketamine Center

3535 Randolph Rd, Suite 209

Charlotte, North Carolina, 28211 United States

Website: charlotteketaminecenter.us

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School: Baylor College of Medicine

Graduated: 1987

Degree: MD

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6 Reviews on “Pain Management and Addiction Medicine Specialist with Over 30 Years of Clinical Experience”

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  • R McColl

    I had my first visit with Dr. Taub today. I am looking for pain solutions that do not involve opiates. I have chronic inflammation and associated pain issues. The staff was very nice. It is an extremely calm atmosphere. As someone who can be stressed in a medical environment, I appreciated this very much. Dr. Taub really took his time, and we had a great discussion of potential treatments, and an immediate plan to try to get the inflammation under control. His manner is perfectly professional. I am very happy with the care I received, and will absolutely recommend others to him.

  • Anonymous

    This doctor has an awful bedside manner. I don’t feel comfortable asking him anything because he answers in such a cavalier tone that I don’t really think he even hears me. At one point he literally walked away and LEFT THE ROOM while I was still talking to him. I felt “dismissed”. Then I asked him about a week later if I really could safely take an existing medication with what he prescribed me (because I was not convinced it was safe to mix), and what he said was “fine” during the appointment, all of a sudden WAS NOT. Proves me point that he wasn’t listening OR reading my file for that mattter. You should feel safe and have trust in your doctor. I can’t say I fee that way. I will be looking for another.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Taub is very well informed. He’s smart, maybe brilliant. He shares information willingly and clearly. Looking for a new best friend? Go elsewhere. If you seek open-minded, state of the art treatment this is the place to go. I have only 1 criticism of the practice and it’s that the office staff turns over frequently – all at once. Suddenly there are all new faces. Unpleasant staff members can detract from the office visit satisfaction.

  • Robert

    I have known Dr Taub for almost 30 years as a colleague and unfortunately as a patient in recent years. It is not at all easy to be a Pain Management Specialist in todays medico-legal climate. Practically no physicians want to do it. There are lots of hoops a doctor has to jump through to prescribe opioids. Dr Taub is a consummate professional in this very difficult arena. I would almost guarantee that all the one star reviews were from patients that did not get all the drugs they were looking for or were not willing to jump through the hoops that are currently required.

  • Bob

    Dr. Taub has no bedside manner. Talking to patients about life events and struggles proves very difficult for him. He comes in threatens to discharge patients from his practice and does not discuss care plans to get patients where they need to be physically or emotionally. He takes no responsibility for his actions or decisions, but instead puts full blame on the government. If you are a chronic pain patient, you should keep looking. This man lacks compassion, empathy and strength of character.

  • Dan

    Dr. Taub is an excellent doctor. Every visit I have he is consistently caring and straight forward. I highly recommend his practice.

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