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Ketamine Milwaukee

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Ketamine Milwaukee

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  • Renee

    I had my initial infusion on October 2nd and on that day I felt better. The next day, I got out of bed with no problem and actually had motivation for the first time in years. I had two infusions that week then one each week for the next four weeks, then three weeks out and the next one is 5 weeks out.
    Since then, I’ve been practicing yoga 4-5 days per week, go grocery shopping, spend time with friends, quit whining and it seems that my fibromyalgia pain has calmed way down. My brain isn’t as scattered as it used to be and I’ve become alert, more calm, with less anxiety. It feels like someone breathed life into me and I feel like a whole person.
    I’m thankful I found Dr. Kane and Ketamine Milwaukee. He has a great staff and I really look forward to my treatments not only because they help me, but I get to escape from myself for a while. It’s a nice ride.
    One last thing. I’m on a fixed income. The treatments are a bit pricey, but I always make it work. Credit cards are good. I really couldn’t care less how much they cost because you can’t put a price tag on feeling well and having a life.

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