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Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, California, 90045 United States

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School: University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine

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Anesthesiology Residency, Massachusetts General Hospital & University of California Los Angeles Center for the Health Sciences

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  • Anonymous

    The clinic follows all Covid guidelines- this is excellent. I’ve been to the clinic 7 times now and each time it has been great. The staff are so friendly, understanding, and helpful. The ketamine works. You will not regret going to Dr. Mandel.

  • Mary

    I have suffered with bipolar depression and anxiety for 21 years and on 4 different medication that have very bad side effects. I found out about Dr. Mandel’s clinic and flew to LA from Pennsylvania for treatment. After my six infusions I felt better than I have in years. I’m even off my other medication and have joy and hope in my life again. I experienced absolutely no side effects. The staff from the time I called, through treatment and with the after care is so phenomenal. I have never felt so loved and cared for in any medical office in my life. I will continue to fly to LA for fallow ups. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone suffering.

  • Aaron

    Such a wonderful experience! Dr. Mandel is so caring and has an amazing team behind him. This treatment is truly priceless! Thank you guys!

  • Ginny

    Dr. Mandel is a lifesaver! I am bipolar and have suffered with depression for many years, it got to the point I had ECT because I had tried all the drugs and nothing worked. The ECT destroyed my short term memory and some of my long term too. This was about 20 years ago. Finally I found Lamictal because I had a seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy and the dose for that worked for my depression. My doctor had tried it at a much lower dose many years earlier. I had been depression free for quite some time but I got a Progesterone birth control shot and there was also something going on at the same time in my personal life and both of them threw me into a deep, horrible depression. My psychiatrist told me about Dr. Mandel and Ketamine treatment and I was all for it. I was worried about side effects because of my experience with ECT but it was a very relaxing, peaceful and pleasant experience. The first two treatments didn’t really seem to do anything but they upped my dose and the third treatment I felt completely different. After my fourth I was completely cured of my depression! I started to become manic so I saved the last two treatments that had already been payed for as backups in case I am hit with a deep depression again. I just wish Ketamine had been around 20 years ago, it would have saved me , my family and friends much anguish especially all my suicide attempts. Ketamine works like a miracle! I was so worried that it wasn’t going to work just like all the other stuff I had tried but it did and I thank God for Ketamine and Dr. Mandel and I would recommend Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles to anyone battling depression. It really works!!!

  • Christine

    I cannot begin to put into words how grateful I am to Dr. Mandel and his team for what they have given me. Due to a chronic illness, traditional antidepressants really aren’t an option and I have long suffered extreme symptoms with no relief. After being treated at Dr. Mandel’s clinic I have a new lease on life in a way that I find even better than anti depressants. I have the ability to rationally look at my emotional responses to every day experiences and understand trauma/issues behind those responses in order to work through them. This works as more than a band aid on depression but rather as a conduit through which to work through it so that I can think more clearly. Its as though the blocks in my mind have been lifted so I have been given a chance to think clearly again in order to enjoy life. Its not only given me relief from depression and anxiety, but given me a new outlook on spirituality and calmed existential related anxiety I often found myself suffering. Dr. Mandel’s staff is incredibly kind, personable and knowledgeable. You are treated like a human being and listened to. It is very clear that everyone working there believes in what they are doing. Keep up the amazing work!!

  • Frank

    I can tell Dr. Mandel really cares about his patients, and that he believes in what he is doing. Statistically, he should.

    The office is very clean and modern, and they always have really hip and relaxing music playing.

    The experience is very pleasant, and though early in treatment, I believe I am having positive results. It’s a great thing that they are doing there.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Mandel and his staff are wonderful.
    If you know anyone who is suffering from deep depression this could literally save their life. The results I have witnessed have been incredible.
    Can’t say enough.

  • Dominik

    Dr. Mandel is an amazing doctor. He cares for his patients and bring lasting pain relief at his clinic. He’s very careful and diligent and the staff at Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles is world class! Highly recommended and had a great experience here. Super!

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