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William Dudney, III

Dudney, III

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  • anonymous4

    I was referred to Dr. Dudney by another specialist for maintenance/long term care. The office team are friendly, personable, and accommodating. Dr. Dudney listens, is warm and friendly and to the point, understanding how complex my history is and how it effects me. I have severe anxiety around new people and it was completely unwarranted for my first visit (tell my brain that, lol!). I have had a dx of PTSD/anxiety/depression for years and haven’t had luck with anti-depressants. I have been seeing him for several months now and I managed to get through the holidays and daily trials better than I have previously. This is a huge improvement for me (and the family that has to deal with me). Thank you Dr. Dudney!

  • anonymous3

    I found Dr. Dudney through a web search. I had complications from a surgery that required medication for extreme anxiety. Finding a Psychiatrist on short notice in Tampa is near impossible. I found him. Saved my life, literally. I spent 20 years as a Masters Level Psychotherapist and worked under many Psychiatrists. I can attest that this man is one of the best out there. Very detailed, very particular. Very to the point. I highly recommend him.

  • anonymous2

    I recently moved here and had to find a new psych doctor– Dr Dudney cares about ensuring that his patients are treated with dignity and respect. His office understands that mental illness is not a crime or something that makes you less of an honorable person as I recently had a diff doctor in the field make me feel. His receptionist/assistance is kind. He got me the help I desperately needed quickly.

  • anonymous

    I was very disappointed with Dr. Dudney. I brought my 18 year old son in for consult on ketamine treatment and ended up walking out of there with weight loss products. I was charged $300 for the consult and the $95 for weight loss pills. My son has been to numerous psychiatrists and none of the scripts have worked. We were looking to try ketamine treatment. My son has also tried weigh tloss programs 4 times, has lost the weight and that did not solve his depression!

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