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Psychedelic Guide & Integration Coach in Denver Area

Laura Teodori

Psychedelic Guide & Integration Coach | Certified Psychedelic Integration & Addiction Recovery Coach




Denver, Colorado, 80202 United States


How I work with Clients

Whether you are just starting to entertain the idea of embarking on an entheogenic journey, already have your bags packed or are looking for help integrating- Psychedelic Integration Coaching can help.

The journey itself is only a portion of the work-lasting change is created through diligent preparation and integration. We must take the insights we receive and use them to take action and create lasting change.

Treatment Approach

Psychedelic Integration Coaching can include topics such as:
how to prepare emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually

-safety precautions

-intentions-”What do they mean and how do I set them?”

-set/setting/support/safety/ sacrament

-navigating the experience

-what the integration process looks like

-drawing meaning from a “bad trip”

-exploring insights from overall pleasant experiences

-making lasting change

-letting go of the old to make room for the new

-unpacking and processing transformational experiences

-grounding after challenging experiences

-self-care and self-love

-respecting the medicine

-staying in process- honoring where we’re at to get to where we want to go


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