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Miranda Gehris Psychedelic Integration Coach - Mind . Body . Breath . Spirit

Miranda Joy Gehris (She Her)

Psychedelic Integration Coach


1607 Trumansburg rd

Ithaca, Tompkins, 14850 United States

Appointments: Online

How I work with Clients

I am the trail finder. 
I think about a psychedelic journey like taking a hike in the woods. You can follow the trail. Following a map, having a pre-plan. But then you come to a part where you can no longer stay on the trail, where it disappears, takes a wrong turn in a direction you don’t want to go, or a rockslide makes it impassable. You have to divert, you have to go off the trail into the woods using your senses of navigation to get you to a new trail. When we take a psychedelic journey, we are going off of our preconceived trail of life. We are diving into the deep woods. We can prepare with tools and guides, but we are always facing the unknown. We perhaps are facing danger. And our greatest tool is our own mind, our ability to deal with fear, and the bravery within our own heart. These tools, combined with our intuition and deeper connection, are what truly guide us when we leave the trail of life. 
I am a trail finder. Journeying deep into the places where most wish not to go in order to find another way to a different trail, a different life, a different way of being. We have to take the step off the path we are on so that we can live our full potential. The psychedelic journey is like this, but so is the journey of our life. Psychedelics paint this journey in our mind. Yet this blueprint that is painted applies to our physical manifestation of life. Integrating the two is key. So join me on a journey into the woods, for although the other trail may be shrouded in darkness and hard to find, it leads to a brighter place. 

Treatment Approach

I'm currently a NBC-HWC Health and Wellness coach, graduating from a mindfulness-based program (Guiding Mindful Change) where I guide clients to connect to their own awareness and intuition for making their own life decisions and changes. Coaching can be used for a variety of reasons such as stress management, health, life/work balance, and life goals. I assist my clients to come to their own understanding and clarity. Letting them take the lead, “guiding” them through the process. Coaching works to guide clients by reflecting their thoughts back to them and supporting them to make life-changing action steps. This process is effective, clear, and to the point, with results in just a few sessions. I offer coaching sessions (30 to 60 Minutes) in “single sessions” or packages with sliding scale pricing. 
Psychedelic Integration Coaching uses all the tools and techniques of coaching, but applies them specifically to psychedelic experiences, integrating challenges, and making physical life changes that are inspired from the psychedelic realm. Psychedelic encounters can leave us feeling open, confused, and uncertain with how to make the next steps. These powerful states can fade, messages becoming unclear and hard to apply to everyday life. Psychedelic moments can be challenging, jarring, and even the whole experience could be a “bad trip” that requires further support to process deeper. 
I support clients to dive deeper into these states, pulling apart the messages, and keeping the energy alive so that it can be harnessed into practical steps for change. Coaching can work to take complex, abstract experiences into physical actions steps that create real change.  I offer coaching to clients at any stage of the psychedelic experience--from preparation beforehand to processing years after an experience. 
My newest practice in Psychedelic Integration Coaching is to offer an integrative practice of Yoga, Breathwork and Coaching techniques.  Often, during a psychedelic experience, energy, memories, or emotions can become trapped in the body. Processing these psychedelic states with our mind alone can be slow as we don't always have conscious access to them . We can move though these states much more rapidly if we work with the body and breath. Tapping into the deeper parts of ourselves, we open up to realizations that can be integrated for healing. 
My psychedelic integration work draws from these various practices to balance the connection between the mind, body, breath, and spirit. These integrative sessions are longer (60-90 minutes) and are custom plans based on the client’s individual experience, situation, and needs. My goal is to set the client up with tools to “take home”, gaining self-confidence and independence with processing deeper states of consciousness. I offer these sessions in packages (sliding scale fees) and have a few spots for “pay what you can” case studies that qualify. 


School: Ithaca College

Graduated: 2014

Degree: Applied Psychology

License or Certificate 200hr RYT Anusara Yoga

License or Certificate 500hr RYT Kundalini Yoga

License or Certificate NBC-HWC Health and Wellness Coach

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Cost per session

$40.00 - $180.00

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  • English
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  • Spiritual but not religious
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Client Reviews

1 Review on “Miranda Gehris Psychedelic Integration Coach - Mind . Body . Breath . Spirit”

Overall rating
  • I have been having weekly sessions with Miranda for 11 months to support my recovery from a grade 4 brain haemorrhage, which happened two and a half years ago. The progress I’ve made in the time we’ve been meeting on zoom has been pretty miraculous. I have gone from not sleeping at night due to being ‘tired but wired’ to a normal sleep pattern, which made a huge difference on my mood, my ability to engage in daily life, my relationship with myself and others, and to my energy levels. Before the sessions, many days I could barely lift my arms or doing anything due to severe neurofatigue. Since being taught and guided to practice kundalini yoga by Miranda, I have more active days and greater stamina. I still have a little way to go with this, but the difference is so noticeable, with many days now I feel almost back to normal. Miranda’s thoughtful questions and reflections guide me to my own solutions and help me feel so much more resourced, as often I didn’t realise I had the answers within myself to everyday issues caused by the haemorrhage.

    Miranda has great depth, insight, presence, integrity and professionalism making the experience of the sessions so amazing, holding, safe, expansive and relevant. I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, as coming from a career in clinical psychology myself, I know how rare and powerful it is to be guided by someone who has gone deep on their own self-healing journey. Miranda is a lovely person, kind and wise, astute and playful, I recommend her sessions for coaching, yoga, shamanic journeying and counselling 100%.

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