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Lauren Marangell

(She Her)

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  • Josh

    Great experience. Super smart and equally kind.

  • Janet

    This is one smart Doctor! Loved her!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing but utter neglect in treatment received when I had a serious side effect during a medicine change under her care. My symptoms should have been ID’d considering her expertise. Thankfully an astute MD recognized my need for acute medical management and admitted me to a hospital. My attempts to contact Dr M were ignored and I was later told by her assistant that she doesn’t have admitting rights . That excuse for her failure to follow through with my care is unacceptable.

  • Peter

    You will not find a better psychiatrist anywhere. She is smart and easy to talk with and much more available than the psychs who take insurance Also one of the nicest offices I ever seen. They even give you free chocolate and validate parking.

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