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Psychiatrist in Prairie Village, Kansas,

Dr. John L'Ecuyer

Psychiatrist | MD


Mental Health Partners

Prairie Village

Prairie Village, Kansas, 66208 United States

Website: psychiatrykc.com

How I work with Clients

General practice of Psychiatry, using psychotherapy (generally of a supportive nature, sometimes of an insight-oriented nature) and medications.


School: University of Kansas Medical Center

Graduated: 1993

Degree: MD

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  • Anonymous

    this man goes above and beyond his call of duty. he is a rare find. i miss him tremendously. finances were the only reason that i am no longer a patient of his. thank you dr. lecuyer for everything that you did to help me.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. L’Ecuyer is an excellent listener and has great insight and ideas to help me understand this strange and complicated life that I have.

  • Anonymous

    I have been to a ton of doctors in my lifetime but never had a doctor that INSISTS ontaking the time to get to know you, and he REMEMBERS your problems and areas that you need work on and where you have been improving at. As everyone that you will find, it may take a few visits to really get to know you first. When you schedule with him unlike others, his average visit time with you in the office will be 45 minutes. But it is really worth it! The ONLY problem that I have found is since my insurance has changed to a primary company that he doesn’t accept and having a secondary insurance that he DOES accept, he has you pay a good amount of copay. So YOU have to submit it to your primary insurance company. He did in MY case however, give me a small discount because he does accept my secondary insurance company. HE IS STILL VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ME!

  • Anonymous

    Simply the best; & I’ve been to the rodeo more than a few times

  • Anonymous

    I would highly recommend this doctor. Unlike the majority of psychiatrists he spends time with you, talks to you, asks questions, doesn’t immediately write you a prescription. He’s very caring and attentive. He listens very well. You may wait a bit, but you never feel rushed when you meet with him.

  • Lisa Stevens

    Dr. L’ecuyer takes the time to evaluate what you are saying and what you are experiencing. His attentiveness is a strong characteristic, and I have found this to be quite helpful. Further, he is quite experienced with medications and their strengths and weaknesses, how they will affect your mood, and the long-term outcome of each drug. Again, I have found his expertise in this area to be quite strong. Overall, he is an excellent psychiatrist.

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