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Psychedelic Therapy in Tampa, Florida by Eric Weinstock


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Treatment Approach

Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy vs. Ketamine Injection Therapy

Dr. Weinstock offers both Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy and Ketamine Injection Therapy.

The Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy requires placement of a peripheral IV in the arm or hand. A carefully titrated Ketamine / Saline sterile solution is then slowly infused into the blood stream over the course of 60-75 minutes in a private room with continuous monitoring. Once the patient has completed the infusion, the peripheral IV is removed and the patient is re-evaluated by Dr. Weinstock and then cleared for discharge. Routine blood pressure and pulse oximetry readings are measured both before and after the procedure.

The Ketamine Injection Therapy is a little less invasive. It consists of a very fine needle intramuscular injection of ketamine into the deltoid (shoulder) muscle. The patient will then relax in a private room for approximately one hour with continuous monitoring. The patient is then re-evaluated by Dr. Weinstock and then cleared for discharge. Routine blood pressure and pulse oximetry readings are measured both before and after the procedure.

Patients often ask what is the difference between infusions and injections, is one better than the other?

Most studies of ketamine therapy for depression have utilized infusions. Therefore, we have more data on efficacy for infusions. It is probably fair to say that injections can be anywhere from 50-75% as effective as infusions. Fast metabolizers will get better results from infusions, because the infusions can maintain a steady concentration of ketamine in the blood stream.

The specific treatment regimen will beindividually tailored to each patient but it usually consists of 6-10 initial treatments, usually given one or two times per week. Treatments can then start to be spaced out to once a week for another 3-6 treatments. Eventually once per month or longer is sufficient to maintain stability.

Dr. Weinstock may also give you a prescription for daily sublingual (under the tongue) ketamine tablets to extend the beneficial effects of the treatments. This prescription can be filled at most compounding pharmacies and usually costs around $50 per month. Using the sublingual tablets is optional and can usually help extend the time between treatments, but it is not required.

What is the cost?

You are responsible for paying your normal insurance co-pay plus deductible (if applicable) for the office visit plus an additional amount for the ketamine treatment because ketamine therapy is not a covered service by insurance. .

You may use a health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA) to pay for the treatment cost.

AThe Ketamine Injection Therapy cost is $250 per treatment.
The Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy cost is $500 per treatment.

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