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Interpersonal Psychiatry


Dr. Hiten Soni (She Her)

Medical Doctor | MD


Interpersonal Psychiatry

1045 E 23rd St

Los Angeles, California, 90011 United States

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Graduated: 2006

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  • heres my awesome review again, thanks for copying. I love this guy She/Her did a really good job. thx!

  • Johnathan

    Dr. Soni and staff are exceptional. Although it’s hard to capture in words the tremendous amount of kindness, care, and healing that surrounds his practice, I attempted to anyway so my review could be a beacon of light for anyone looking for a place of aid and love. I’ve seen Dr. Soni for years and I owe a lot, if not all, of my wonderful progress to him and his team. He definitely is the best in Lawrence – so much that I still drive to see him even though I moved years ago. Simply put: Dr. Soni is amazing!

  • Lyndsey

    Great experience. Very helpful. So happy to have found a physician and staff that truly care about my health and wellbeing as well as reducing my depression and hemiplegic migraines. Absolutely thrilled with the intelligence, research, and care I received from Dr. Soni and his wonderful team.

  • Cameron

    Absolutely the worst place I have been to see a psychiatrist they have double scheduled on me several times. I’ll make an appt go in and he is seeing someone else and then calls me to figure out why I didn’t show up for my appointment. He’s always running about 50 mins behind schedule and has very little consideration for his patients. Definitely would not suggest wasting time with Dr. Soni.

  • M.K.

    I have a very long history of mental illness and and a very long history of bad psychiatrists and therapist. So I ended up trying to live with it without help and it was hell. In my darkness moment someone told me of this place and told me to call. I have been going here for years and Soni and the staff had been so wonderful. Because of them my mental illness is under control and when it gets really bad again they are there to help. It may sound unrealistic but if it wasn’t for Interpersonal I probably wouldn’t be here right now.

  • Brenda

    I would never consider using this dr; nor would I recommend him to anyone. The staff was poor. Dr Soni did not help my condition and only piled on medications. The medications did not help. I’m leaving his care worse than I was when I first started treatment. I regret the day I walked in.

  • Lisa

    I have a complex medical history and problems. I see multiple specialist. Dr. Soni is my favorite doctor of all my specialist. He is incredibly smart. He genuinely cares about you and provides insights on a particular problem that changes the way you look at things. I look forward to seeing him. I walk out with new insights every time – he has changed my life and I feel so grateful to have him as a part of the specialty team helping me in a complex medical situation

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