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  • Kelly

    I want to thank each and everyone at the Anderson Clinic! My 19 year old daughter had completely given up on life. She had suffered with severe depression and anxiety for the past 8 years and was on nearly every single antidepressant pharma had to offer and was in two different psychiatric facilities, all to no avail. Ketamine treatment was our last hope. Friday will be 2 weeks since she completed her 6 infusions and I am thankful and thrilled to say that the Lord has healed her through this medication!! She has life and sparkle back in her eyes and is the happiest I’ve seen her in such a long time!!! To anyone who feels like giving up, dont! There is hope, and we found it here. God bless and thank you again.💖

  • Cheri

    One of the best psychiatrists we’ve met. She is THE expert on treatment resistant depression. The ketamine treatments are literally magic for most and was a game-changer in our family.

  • Marty

    Dr. Anderson is an amazing psychiatrist and person. She helped me so much.

  • Matt

    Incredibly unprofessional and rude. I went to schedule a consult a week ago and they tried to get me to pay upfront, for an entire treatment. It was roughly $3,000. I received a call today from a different assistant, and i informed them i booked with someone else. She immediately got nasty, insulted me, and tried to get me to sign up again. Be very cautious when they ask for a credit card over the phone. Really horrible experience.

  • Martha

    I met with Dr. Anderson for the evaluation for the Ketamine treatments. She was caring, kind, knowledgable and patient. The staff that then administered the Ketamine treatments were wonderful. The made me comfortable and reassured me. I felt better quickly, and the treatments made a huge difference for me. I highly recommend this practice.

  • Diana

    Dr. Anderson is very astute and charismatic. She listens well and has a thorough, unique perspective. The whole staff is professional, warm and caring. I found myself in a debilitating state with depression, anxiety, PTSD. I was already being treated with meds and therapy, but suddenly I was in crisis; I never thought it was possible for me to be so sick. Luckily, I found my way to The Anderson Clinic. That was over two years ago; their treatment and care sustain me. I read some negative reviews about staff being rude and other things. I’m sure that the various treatments work (or not) differently for everyone, but the reports about not caring, being rude, pushy about pre-payment, etc., are, frankly, unbelievable. If I could, I’d give five thousand stars.

  • Christina

    Dr Anderson is amazing. She genuinely cares for every part of you. She is the only one who offers PrTMS which has been an amazing breakthrough for me in overcoming depression and anxiety. Dr Anderson’s staff is also very kind, considerate and caring. I can not recommend Dr Anderson and her clinic more!

  • June

    Dr. Anderson and her clinic staff literally saved my life. After 68 years of suffering major depressive disorder with severe anxiety and numerous suicide attempts, I had lost all hope. But after ketamine and PRTMS treatments, I am a new person—full of joy for life! Even the pandemic issues have not triggered a relapse. I am so thankful to the Anderson Clinic every day of my new life.

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