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Dr. Michael Banov (He Him)

Medical Doctor | MD


Psych Atlanta

1012 Coggins Pl

Marietta, Georgia, 30060 United States

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School: Emory University School of Medicine

Graduated: 1989

Degree: MD

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License or Certificate Adult Psychiatry

License or Certificate Adolescent Psychiatry

License or Certificate Addiction Psychiatry

Additional Training

Psychiatry Residency, Harvard Medical School

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7 Reviews on “Psych Atlanta”

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  • Kristie

    So far I have only had one visit. I liked the facility and everyone I have met thus far. I hope I have found a place where I can truly begin my journey of healing. Thank you Dr. Banov for listening to me.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen Dr. Banov and some of his associates for many years, I have a chronic treatment resistant condition and have seen many psychiatrists over my lifespan. Dr. Banov is the best – he stays on top of clinical research, even running his own clinical trials. In my experience, most practitioners are not into cutting edge research. And they tend to stick with an array of pharmacologics they are familiar with, while Dr. Banov is willing to look into what helps you and he’s on top of the latest therapeutics. He has worked with me with many different treatment modalities over the years until we found one that works for me. I have a psychopharmacology background (which I got into due to my condition) and I like that he is willing to talk to me at my level. Having regained stable health after so many years is something that is hard to describe. Someone who is persistent and will work with you personifies the gold standard. I would not hesitate to recommend him or any of his associates that I have interacted with.

  • Ellen

    Always quick but thorough, and caring! Always 5 star treatment! Dr. Banov really understands what you need!

  • Ashlee

    I am a really complicated mental health patient with a variety of issues. I have been seeing Dr. Banov around a year, and he is the most knowledgeable psychiatrist I’ve ever had (I’ve had many over the years). He is willing to try things that are out of the box and not standard treatments. I don’t have a lot of money and Dr. Banov doesn’t take my insurance, but I trust him with my treatment and care, so to me it’s worth having to pay out of pocket versus seeing a not great/mediocre psychiatrist that accepts my insurance. Dr. Banov explains what each medication is, the side effects, interactions, and any other questions I have. I always feel listened to when I voice concerns, and that I have a say in my treatment which is very different than most psychiatrists. I am able to have longer than 10 minutes with Dr. Banov (also very different than most psychiatrists). He doesn’t have a months long wait and he is willing to do what is needed to ensure his patients health and safety. I feel like Dr. Banov not only focuses on psychology, but he has a more holistic approach, which is important to me given the direct ties between mental and physical health. His office is nice and so are the staff that work in it. Great psychiatrists are few and far between. I don’t ever leave google reviews, but Dr. Banov has done so much for me and I fully recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good psychiatrist or has struggled with treatment resistant mental health issues.

  • Mark

    I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety for years and either medicines caused tons of side effects or didn’t work. I saw Dr. Banov and one of his NPs. I tried 6 treatments of ketamine with them and they also adjusted my meds putting me on some lesser known meds (I’m guessing ones that aren’t being advertised by big drug companies). The ketamine really pulled me out of a bad place and the meds seem to be keeping me in a good place because I heard ketamine wears off after a while and I haven’t needed anymore. I can’t recommend these doctors and this facility enough!! I know they also do research studies which I’m sure keeps them up to date on new treatments but I didn’t participate in any of those studies.

  • Shirley

    I am so impressed with Dr. Banov’s extensive knowledge of medications. Along with his caring demeanor, my visit was very positive.

  • Melissa

    Dr. Banov’s front office staff are the best! He has made all the difference in my mental health and finally got me to the right med cocktail that has me stabilized.

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