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Psychiatrist with More Than 30 Years' Clinical Experience Treating Mood Disorders, Offering Intranasal Ketamine

Dr. Kelley Walker

Medical Doctor | MD


Center for Family Psychiatry

10241 Kingston Pike, Suite 1

Knoxville, Tennessee, 37922 United States

Website: centerpsychiatry.com

Appointments: In Person


Years in practice


School: University of Texas College of Medicine

Graduated: 1986

Degree: MD

NPI Number


Additional Training

Psychiatry Residency, University of Louisville (1986-1990)

Client Reviews

5 Reviews on “Psychiatrist with More Than 30 Years' Clinical Experience Treating Mood Disorders, Offering Intranasal Ketamine”

Overall rating
  • Jess

    Dr. Walker has saved my life. For decades, I’ve been attempting to find a med combination that doesn’t cause me to become a flat, mouth-breathing, unrecognizable version of myself. During my first visit, Dr. Ninja Walker was able to give me the meds I have been searching tirelessly for. First visit! She offered me stability, but most of all, she offered me hope.

    She is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable about a range of mental illnesses, and willing to listen to her patients. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking psychiatric assistance.

  • Paige

    Unless you’re looking for a prescription without proper diagnosis, then don’t go. Otherwise you could probably walk in there and tell her something is wrong with you (whether it’s true or not) and she’d prescribe you pills. Dr. Walker spent little time talking to me & trying to get to know me as a patient, she just came in the room with her prescription pad saying I needed to be medicated because, ‘do you really want to live your life this way?’. I threw her prescription in the trash, I will find someone else who will actually take the time to talk to me.

  • David

    Having been a patient for several years I can say with certainty that the service and quality of care I have received from Dr. Walker and The Center for Family Psychiatry has been nothing but excellent. Staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and professional whether it be simply scheduling appointments or providing information and effective solutions regarding even the most complicated mental health issues both during appointments or in the case of a mental health emergency. Dr. Walker herself is extremely well versed and up to date on all of the latest medications as well as alternative treatment modalities for all types of mental illness and really takes the time to get to know her patients in order to provide a plan of care that is tailored to each individual patient and provides the best possible chance of success. It is highly evident that both Dr. Walker and the rest of the staff at The Center for Family Psychiatry care deeply about improving the mental health and quality of life of each of their patients. I would highly recommend this physician and her staff to anyone that is need of a mental healthcare provider in the Knoxville, TN area.

  • Amanda

    I love Dr. Walker. She’s helped me overcome my struggle with addiction while never being judgmental. The people who leave bad reviews don’t know how Psychiatry offices work..

  • Crystal

    Kelley Walker is a great psych dr. She does not over medicate and she listens to you. I would highly recommend her!

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