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Psychiatry Associates of Kansas City

Irfan A.
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Psychiatry Associates of Kansas City

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  • Anonymous

    One of my friends told me about IV ketamine treatments for depression and told me to make an appointment with Dr. Handoo. I was scared at first about IV ketamine treatments, but Dr. Handoo explained everything to me and spent a lot of time discussing the procedure in detail. Since finishing IV ketamine treatments, I am finally free of the depression that consumed my life for so long, and am finally doing things that I enjoy. My energy and focus are so much better and IV ketamine treatments have given me a new life–the one I used to have many years ago. My PHQ9 score has dropped from 24 down to 1, and I never knew I could feel this way again. I highly recommend IV ketamine treatments to anyone who has tried medications and frustrated they are not getting any better.

  • Anonymous

    I was suffering from severe depression for many years and had tried every medication under the sun. Nothing was working. I researched TMS online and read about it and saw Dr. Handoo. I am very glad I did TMS. I feel like the fog I was in for so many years has finally lifted, and my depression is so much better since finishing TMS. Dr. Handoo and the TMS techs were amazing.

  • Lauren

    I had been struggling with depression since I was a teenager, and one of my friends recently told me about IV ketamine treatments she did with Dr. Handoo. I had heard from my own doctor and a few friends who did IV ketamine treatments that Dr. Handoo was the “ketamine doc” in Kansas City. Dr. Handoo explained everything in great detail at the time of our consult and explained his protocol. Ever since finishing ketamine treatments, it’s been amazing to see the difference in my depression. My old self has finally come back. I am very thankful to Dr. Handoo, and only wish I had found out about him sooner.

  • Mark

    I had severe anxiety before getting treatment by Dr. Handoo. When I came to him six months ago, I was going through one of the worst episodes of anxiety I had ever had. I couldn’t sleep at night, and if I ever did manage to fall asleep, I would wake up in the middle of the night with ragged breathing, drenched in sweat. I had been to multiple psychiatrists and therapists in hopes of getting better, but nobody could help me until I met Dr. Handoo. He helped me identify the trigger behind my anxiety and showed me plenty of ways of controlling those triggers and coping with challenging circumstances. Dr. Handoo is an excellent doctor who has changed my life, and I am forever indebted to him for that.

  • Rachel

    Dr. Handoo is a miracle worker. Eating disorders are not taken very seriously. People seem to misjudge their severity more often than not. Even I was one of those people until I was plagued by anorexia. It was terrible. I would beat myself up if I ever ate, and I lost a lot of weight within weeks. Seeing me in pain, my sister took me to Dr. Handoo, and he helped me fight my urges. It’s been six months since I started my treatment, and I am proud to say that I am anorexia-free.

  • Tina

    I am a student, and I have acute anxiety. I have had it all my life, but I didn’t take it seriously for the longest time. But then it started to affect my functioning in college and personal life. So we scoured the internet and found Dr. Handoo. I visited him and its been night and day since then. I don’t wake up during the night now, nor do I have frequent panic attacks over things such as presentations or meetings with my supervisor. Seeing Dr. Handoo has made a big difference in my life.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Handoo is always running at least an hour late despite only spending about 10 minutes with his patients, doesn’t listen, and talks over me. I am naturally very thin but have no history of eating disorders and am not underweight. Dr. Handoo insists on taking my weight at every appointment and has threatened to withhold my medication, which I need to function, if I drop below a certain weight because the medication is moderately appetite suppressing. I have explained that the appetite suppression does not affect me much, to no avail. I also strongly suspect I have OCD, which has been aggravated by his fixation on my weight, but when I have tried to bring it up with him or ask if he could assess me for it he has dismissed me outright or completely ignored me. My sister is also a patient of his and he often tries to discuss how my sister is doing/her medications during my appointments. The medications he prescribes me are effective but he is otherwise not someone I would recommend.

  • Brenda

    I have been battling depression for over the past 25 years since I was 15 years old. I recently moved to Kansas City from New York City, and had seen a myriad of psychiatrists and experts over the years in New York. No one could ever figure out the best treatment for me and my depression never went away. I found Dr. Handoo online when I moved to Kansas City and am grateful that I did. I found out online that he did a fellowship in psychopharmacology and it shows. Only 2 months after I started seeing Dr. Handoo, I have been completely depression free. My life has been worth living again, and it has been one of the best feelings in the world. Dr. Handoo has been far better than any psychiatrist I ever found before. He has changed my life, and I am very thankful that I found him.

  • John

    Living with someone who has schizophrenia is jarring. My brother has it and it would hurt to see him so suffer so much. Before seeing Dr. Handoo, all the treatment routes we took turned out to be a failure. After starting treatment with Dr. Handoo, I am pretty relieved because he’s doing a lot better. My family and I have been very happy with the results and now have a much better idea of how to help my brother.

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