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Kai MacDonald


Dr. Kai MacDonald (He Him)

Medical Doctor | MD


3368 2nd Avenue, Suite B

San Diego, California, 92102 United States

Appointments: In Person

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School: University of Minnesota Medical School

Graduated: 1997

Degree: MD

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American Psychiatric Association Fellow American Medical Association Member Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry/Neurology San Diego Psychiatric Society Member Society for Neuroscience Member Society of Biological Psychiatry Member

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  • Alexis

    A life changing doctor!! I cannot put into words the ways in which Dr. MacDonald has changed my life for the better. After years of suffering depression and undiagnosed anxiety / ADHD, I felt hopeless that “this is just who I am.” After working with Dr.Mac he empowered me by explaining my suffering was suffering but are also cognitive habits that can be changed – finally I felt hope. I have never felt so empowered and safe with a doctor. Dr. Mac and I have such a strong and positive working alliance because we are completely honest with one another. He is not a doctor who just tells you what you want to hear, he is a critical thinker, empowering force and is validating to my past. I could not imagine my life without Dr. MacDonald and have not been this stable / happy in 12 years. If anyone out there feels hopeless, like the suffering will never end, ‘no one understands me’ attitude that I had, Dr. MacDonald is the doctor for you!

  • Laura

    I have been a regular patient of Dr Mac’s for a while now. This is one of the first times in therapy that I have ever felt included in creating my treatment plan. Any questions or concerns I have are respected, discussed, and taken care of through the relationship developed. He challenges me, sometimes to my chagrin, but always for my growth and good. Past psychiatrist experiences have left me feeling like I was being treated by someone who didn’t know me, but prescribed things anyways. This is not the case with Dr Mac’s practice. Due to the relationship built between us, I value what he has to say to me, and trust that he wants to help me have the best life I am able to have. I would recommend Dr Mac to anyone who is ready to tackle their issues in a way that will create lasting change.

  • Wilson

    If you are in need of such services, Dr. MacDonald’s professionalism and promptness will make a substantial difference in your journey. It is invaluable to know that you can get your doctor on the phone within an hour or so, sometimes immediately should the situation demand it. Further, having a doctor who can day-to-day monitor your medications and tailor them as needed is crucial. If I ever have a friend in need I will be pointing them directly to Dr. MacDonald.

  • Paola

    At first I thought he was a pretty good doctor, but as time went on I realized he was a bit strange and egotistical. He liked to talk more than listen, the last time I saw him he had a weird temper tantrum where he stepped out of his office, and he misdiagnosed me.

  • Rachel

    Dr. Mac is simply the best mental health physician around. From the moment we met I felt welcome and safe, and every session since then has been a trans-formative experience, guided by one of the most skilled and highly intelligent psych’s in the business.
    Dr. Mac focuses on building a relationship grounded in trust, honesty, and partnership. His personal approach, combined with exceptional training and thoughtful treatment plans, has helped me overcome crippling issues in a shockingly short amount of time. Seriously, it feels like years of growth in a matter of months!
    His level of service is nothing short of exceptional. Emergency next-day sessions, flexible hours to accommodate my busy lifestyle, even the offer to come in on weekends should I ever need him to…He encourages me to record sessions for later review, simply because he wants me to get maximum value out of every conversation.
    We’ve adjusted medication plans in between sessions thanks to him checking in every few days (sometimes daily!) to monitor side effects, and make sure I’m comfortable with how I’m feeling. I have never been this happy with professional care, highly recommended!!

  • Rick

    If you’re looking for a highly trained/skilled/intelligent Psych Dr. then look no further Dr. MacDonald is your guy. Took my son (adult age) here for consultation and treatment. Dr. MacDonald presented thoughtful probing questions and based on answers provided excellent feedback and guidance. He can drill down and get to the source of the mental behavior issues and then put together a treatment plan. I found him to be considerate and caring…very good at prompt return calls. I highly recommend him.

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