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Psychologist Specializing in Substance Use Disorders

Dr. Jennifer Tippett

Licensed Psychologist | PsyD


50 S Steele St

Denver, Colorado, 80209 United States

Website: drjennifertippett.com

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Psychedelic substances (i.e. Psilocybin, Ketamine, Ayahausca) are in the public eye like never before. With compelling research coming from respected institutions and changes in local laws people have become curious about the use of these plants as a way of gaining insight and understanding. Most individuals report increased gratitude and connection to others after a psychedelic experience, although a few experience a "bad trip" that has left them confused or scared. In either instance, it is important to integrate your experience in a way that makes sense to you. This may include understanding an unpleasant experience, or bringing new insights into your current life. Integration therapy can help you get the maximum benefit from your psychedelic experience.

*Please note that the Psychedelic Integration Therapy is intended to be a safe space for those who have used, are currently using, or intend to use psychedelic substances in their personal lives and outside of a legal setting. Psychedelic Integration Therapy does not involve providing or prescribing any psychedelic or other controlled substance to a client during the course of therapy. Additionally, it does not include referring to “underground” resources, recommending use, guiding, supervising or otherwise being present with a client during a psychedelic experience. Clients should not plan to attend therapy sessions while under the influence of any psychedelic or any other controlled substance, unless prescribed by a doctor.


School: University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Graduated: 2013

Degree: PsyD

License or Certificate Psychologist, #PSY0004846 Colorado

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$180.00 - $200.00

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  • Chris Job

    Dr. Tippett has been an excellent counselor for me. As a 27 year old male, I found that she could really relate to me and people my age. After my first session, I knew she would be the right fit. She asks great and comprehensive questions to better compartmentalize areas of my life. I felt like this was unique; from my previous experiences with therapy I lead the first session which I have no experience doing. With these previous counselors I felt I overwhelmed them by trying to sum of my entire life in the first session. My first session with Dr. Tippett we set goals and expectations which made the flow of the succeeding sessions very valuable.

    I highly encourage anyone seeking professional help to try Dr. Tippett, especially if you struggle with addiction of any kind. She is truly an expert but feels like a friend.


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