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  • Noe R.

    I’ve had bad insomnia and anxiety for a while now, and have tried all manner of treatments each with various side effects. I recently read the book How to Change your Mind and got interested in alternative therapies, including ketamine infusions. There is now a lot of science and clinical evidence to support the use of psychedelic medicine for various mental health issues but the clinical practice has yet to catch up, at least on the Peninsula (ie there were very few providers who felt “legit” to me, and my therapist wasn’t sure where to refer me). I was thrilled when Soft Reboot opened and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Some items of note from my therapy to date:

    The doctor: I can’t say enough good things about working with Dr. Herman. She’s a rare combination of ridiculously credentialed yet very open minded to even practice this kind of treatment in the first place. She helped me feel super safe and comfortable and never left my side during the session (which I’ve heard is not always the case). She’s also very tech forward so used patient tools that made the sign-up and communication process super easy. It was also clear she’s up to speed on the latest science and ways to incorporate psychedelic treatments into an overall holistic approach to health.

    The setting: I came to realize a serene setting is actually very important for this type of treatment since you enter a disassociative state so want to feel comfortable and relaxed. The clinic is in a nondescript medical campus but Dr. Herman’s office itself is a little oasis, with serene decor, a luxe lounge chair, comfy eye mask, and headphones to listen to a music selection during the treatment. The music was personalized according to your intention for the session which I really appreciated.

    The experience: This was my first time experiencing psychedelics in any type of environment, and I’ll be honest it was a little crazy at first. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but it in my case I felt disassociated from my body and experienced what I can only describe as an immersive art show inside my own personal Imax theater. But the entire time I knew that I was safe in the clinic with Dr. Herman so was able to relax and really lean into the experience, trusting that the treatment was doing its thing in the background. Apparently having an IV (vs a shot or nasal spray) meant more accurate dosage and shorter recovery time which I also appreciated.

    Results: I’m only halfway through my six session treatment course but I’ve never slept better in my life and have seen real progress on the anxiety front as well (with family and friends commenting that I seem more calm). Again, I had previously tried a lot of different programs including cognitive behavioral therapy, so I’m pretty thrilled with these initial results and have not experienced any side effects. It’s important to note that the treatment isn’t inexpensive and is currently not covered by insurance, but I felt it was worth investing in something that would finally work for me (and ultimately help recover lost productivity, improve strained relationships, etc). In general it was in line with what I’ve paid out of pocket to see integrative medicine providers for check-ups only.

    All in all, I highly recommend checking out Soft Reboot!

  • Rita T.

    I cannot put into words how my life has changed since I met Dr.Sara Herman and started treatments at Soft Reboot Wellness (SRW). I have struggled with BP2, anxiety and OCD for over half my life. I was at an ultimate low and out of hope when SRW was suggested to me. I thought the treatment was going to be just another failed suggestion that would later frustrate me. I was completely wrong.

    Dr.Sara Herman is a highly intelligent, compassionate, and seeker of healing and wellness. I was terrified to try ketamine IV and had a perception of ketamine as a street drug, which I did not want to give up my control to.

    During the treatment, Dr.Sara was there for me, like really there for me. She coached be through the entire process. She has a beautiful treatment room that looks spa like. It was unlike any room I had seen in the dozens of YouTube videos I watched where it was super clinical. Dr.Sara even helped find me music so that my experience was as blissful as it could be. I went from scared to try to looking forward to healing.

    Since I have started treatment, I have seen improvements that no other treatment, therapy, or medication has been able to provide me. This treatment is actually repairing neurons. My family can attest to the changes they have seen in me after a few treatments. I can feel it too, this is different. My OCD is no longer taking over my life and my racing thoughts are gone. The physical and mental relief I feel are priceless.

    I am so grateful that I met Dr.Sara and gave this treatment a shot. There is hope and Soft Reboot Wellness can prove it.

  • Shy Girl F.

    I went to see Dr.Herman not knowing how my experience would be and let me tell you this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, Dr.Herman was sweet,compassionate, understanding and just plain amazing. I will continue to come here for treatment. One of the best doctors hands down

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