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  • Jason Hofer

    Drug resistant depression left me with little to no options. I had three straight months with horrible, graphic nightmares and the only thing that helped was Ketamine. I work in the medical field and COVID has taken my PTDS to a level where I couldn’t survive. I am forever grateful for West Coast Ketamine Center’s Dr. Botkiss and Dr. Gillian for the lifesaving treatments they provided. Everything was handled professionally and I highly recommend anyone suffering from depression or PTSD consider this option. The staff took the time to call me at home, communicate with my family and even assist me in additional support with a specialized therapist who guided my treatments. I have relief and will continue maintenance treatments as needed. There is hope.

  • Chelsea Veneziano

    I highly recommend Dr. Botkiss, Dr. Gillin and the nurses. I am currently getting ketamine treatments and it has changed my life.

  • Jennifer Brown

    Convenient scheduling and effective care, the staff is mindful, kind, and really interested in creating a positive experience

  • Lina Litvak

    When I decided to move forward in seeking treatment I was very nervous . I was nervous about every aspect of it . I could not begin to tell you how much these doctors have helped me . Yes it’s a strange experience . You sit in a room with people you don’t know and it’s kinda awkward at first . But once you get used to the people and what to expect during treatment.. you begin to feel like you have one hour a week or month dedicated to a type of therapy/meditation that you just can’t recreate any where else . Dr. Botkiss and Amanda text and call to check up and scheduling is a breeze . I wish all my medical professionals showed as much care and dedication to my well being as they do . If you’re on the fence , get off it and into this office .

  • Lauren Valentino

    My first experience was a phone conversation with Dr. Botkiss and explained my current situation, my TBI 20 years ago, struggles with migraines, daily headaches that will lead to migraine if I don’t take medication after medication and I’m at my whits end…
    My second conversation was with Dr. Gillin about the Ketamine treatments, dosing and a past experience that I had over 10 years ago during a Ketamine study. It was all very easy and seamless, I also had both of their cell numbers if I had any questions or concerns (love that)!
    My first treatment was 12/19/20 and all went well but my headaches did not resolve and a migraine set in later that day. I dealt with it and already had my second appt scheduled. I texted Dr. Gillin prior to my second appt last night and he adjusted the doses and changed a few things. (as this treatment should be tailored to each persons needs).
    **Last night after my treatment I sat outside the steps of their amazing space that is very serene and tranquil, and cried. My husband looked and me and asked “what’s wrong, are you okay”…

    Last night was the FIRST TIME in many many years I have not had any type of headache, needed to take a pill to go to sleep, take a pill in the middle of the night due to a migraine setting in, or best yet, wake up with some sort of headache or migraine.
    I have lived with headaches (not always migraines) but headaches daily for over 20 years! Most people take a Tylenol or Excedrine and your good – not me! I loved with that ache for all these years and if I tried to ignore them they turned into migraines, left me bed bound for days or in urgent care.
    I can not say how amazing and also different it is to feel headache free. I really could go on and on but I won’t and end with if you are spending a fortune on medications and/or other treatments to help – You deserve to give West Coast Ketamine a try. It could save your life!😍😇

  • Lori Koebler

    I I was so frustrated when my psychiatrist wanted me to go on yet a third medication. That’s when I threw my hands up And started doing research on alternative therapies for medication resistant depression. Something which I have struggled with my whole life. After a litany of different medications only to have the side effects and never the benefit. I had done some research online for a few weeks and found Dr. Botkiss. I decided that I was going to commit to the treatment not really knowing exactly what to expect. After meeting the staff and talking extensively to Dr. Botkiss And Dr. Gillin, I felt comfortable with going forward. After my first treatment I immediately felt better. I have had no anxiety since treatment number one. During the next week there was some fine tuning on the dosage. I am so thrilled that I found a place that has offered me real hope and real results in a very short time. I cannot tell you enough about the staff. They are so professional and made me feel so safe during this process. As it can be a little daunting doing a treatment of this nature. Thank you Amanda for your sincerity and your experience with the treatments!!!
    I was comfortable and confident during every session. I truly feel during the treatment my mind had expanded and brought me in to A place of peace and deep meditation. The medication does the work when you are relaxed and your mind is open. I am eager to continue this treatment in the future. I cannot express enough my gratitude.
    If you are on the fence about if this treatment will be advantageous to you in treating depression, I urge you to contact Dr. Botkiss and get a bit of education on this treatment. I am so glad that I did. Thank you for a wonderful experience and hope to never have to return to the dark cave of depression again….
    Lori von K

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