Safe and Effective Dosing With Monitoring That Is Minimally Intrusive



Cornerstone Psychiatric Care

8895 N Military Trl Suite 300-E

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 33418 United States

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5 Reviews on “Safe and Effective Dosing With Monitoring That Is Minimally Intrusive”

Overall rating
  • Lugo Lundi

    Highly recommend this clinic. They offer Ketamine Infusions with the best care and price. Glad there’s a psychiatrist on site and not some anesthesiologist trying to cure mental health.

  • Christina Jones

    I dont even kno where to begin, Cornerstone Psychiatric’s has been a God send. This isnt your typical Drs office where your just another appt. From Dr E to Chelsea this is an intimate team that works together to get you the help you need.
    Ive always suffered from anxiety and depression its been my entire life. Some days itd be too hard to get out of bed. The last thing I wanted to do was deal with paperwork, insurance companies, the works. They took care of it and did it effortlessly. Talking to Dr. E that 1st time was surprisingly refreshing. He didnt talk over me or cut me off, he listened. He knew where I was mentally and emotionally, he understood that place I was at in my life. These people are such a gift. I know I would have never gotten this level of support and care anywhere else. Your not another patient to them and theyve become so much to me. Its life changing to actually find the help you need. Its everything.

  • J Gold

    Finally relief from my treatment resistant depression, through Ketamine infusion and now Esketamine nasal spray, thanks to Dr. Ettehnsohn & Jessica Shepley, ARNP. They TRULY CARE (not easy to find) about their patients; Dr. Ettehnsohn listens and provides helpful info that none of the 15+ Drs I’ve seen in the past have. Jessica, if able to, will sit and talk throughout your treatment as long as you’d like and she has a special gift in knowing what to say!! I’ve tried everything prior to seeing them, special blood tests for drug compatibility, dozens of meds, and unfortunately shock therapy. I only wish I found them sooner.

  • Levi Kahane

    The most wonderful place in the world. My life has been changed. My life has been changed. The people who work here are kind,compassionate, caring and smart.If you are thinking of ketamine treatment or want to emerge from depression’s depths come here. Call here.

  • Loomy

    I really wanted to give a shout out to Chelsea, she’s amazing at what she does and really cares about everyone she works with. Extremely thoughtful and keeps you up-to-date. Dr. Jaison Nainaparampil is phenomenal as well, I feel like they are the dream team over there. Thank you so much for all of your assistance.

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