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How does kambo make you feel?
Maybe the most often asked question. For good reason. Kambo works quickly, moments after application, one can expect to feel tingling in the fingers. While every experience is different, the next feeling is usually warmth in the face and ears. The heart begins to beat very rapidly as the Kambo works it’s way through the body. A person begins to feel nauseous. Often burping and light coughing will signal the beginning of a purge. Usually within 5-10 minutes of the Kambo being applied, a person will purge.

Then What?
It’s best to let the Kambo stay on a certain amount of time. Shortly after the purge, a practitioner will remove the Kambo, and the feelings will begin to end.

Now you rest, people usually begin to feel like themselves shortly after the Kambo is removed.

How long does the ceremony last?
Kambo ceremonies usually last 2-4 hrs, depending on the amount of people, experience, and particular needs of individuals.

How long does the feeling last?
The positive effects of Kambo can range in type and duration. The physical effects of purging toxins from your body will last until you either; re-toxify your body or you become familiar with the elevated feeling and it becomes your new normal.

The spiritual effects from Kambo can last as long as one is willing to continue to be aware and amend when needed, the patterns one has developed over a lifetime.


Traditional Lineage Training

We work with the Matsés tribe of Brasil. The Matsés use time tested techniques to harvest the Kambo in a manner that is safe for the frogs, and sustainable for the environment. We receive or Kambo sticks directly from the tribe, minimizing our carbon footprint and insuring the Kambo is pure.

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