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Sarasota-Manatee’s Only Ketamine Infusion Center


Gulf Coast Ketamine Center

2415 University Parkway, Suite 215

Sarasota, Florida, 34243 United States



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8 Reviews on “Sarasota-Manatee’s Only Ketamine Infusion Center”

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  • Robin Behrendt

    It was my first treatment and it was far better than I had anticipated!I was well cared for and Doc is so compassionate.I had some emotional ups and downs during the treatment but I was prepared and could move the downs out of my mind quickly .So far so good!I am waiting for all treatments to really judge results.

  • boscarpenter

    The doctor & his team are incredible. Care deeply. My wife & kids are feeling better around me as the Ketamine treatments melt away my anger from depression. Anger I never realized I even had

  • Dennis Marcello

    Just completed 5 treatments and amazed at the results and the experience. The staff treats you like family that they like. Please consider this as an option to treat anything that they recommend.

  • Nicholas Lemmon

    Wonderful! The doctor was friendly and explained everything. The office staff were polite and keep me in the loop on everything. Their office is really close to some great places to get feed which I guarantee you will want after a treatment 🙂

  • Jaime Hummel

    Highly recommend. Dr. R and Lolita are extremely skilled and deeply compassionate. I am so grateful to have crossed path with them.

  • C A

    After studying the infusions and having major depressive episodes all my life, this is the breakthrough treatments the studies have shown to be best combat to keep your depression at bay! I read studies and they have not had any new treatments since Prozac came out. Thanks to Dr. Reichbach and staff, I am feeling like my old self when I’m able to feel normal and regulate my emotions.It is restoring my life! They are very compassionate and intelligent. Very happy I found them.

  • Lexania C!!!

    Am so grateful for all the help i have received at Gulf Coast Ketamine Center. Dr R and Lolita and the staff are extraordinary. I came there feeling hopeless and out of options. They have truly helped me pass those feelings and they genuinely want to better and improve your well being. Thank you for giving me hope again.

  • Theresa Turner

    De Reichbach and Lolita are not only wonderful medical professionals but they are amazing human beings! They truly care about and take interest in their patients! Highly recommend!

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