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Dr. Patrick A. Oliver (He Him)

Me3dical Doctor | M.D.


MindPeace Clinics

1600 Wilson Blvd #320

Arlington, Virginia, 22209 United States

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How I work with Clients

MindPeace Clinics offers the highest level of patient care coupled with industry leading recommendations and custom treatment options to meet the unique needs of our patients.
To ensure we’re giving you the best possible medical care, the following are included in, or done prior to, your Initial Medical Evaluation with one of our ketamine physician specialists:
- A thorough psychiatric or pain review and physical examination to ensure you are a good candidate for ketamine infusion therapy
- Get a baseline, and begin monitoring your mood electronically, using an internet and mobile phone-based system
- An explanation of our process and what you can expect from ketamine infusions
- Review of your urine and blood work to ensure no other causes exist for your symptoms that may be resolved by a different course of treatment
- Consultations with your current Primary Care Provider and Mental Health Provider, so we can effectively coordinate your care

Treatment Approach

Initial Ketamine Infusion Series
- The initial series of six infusions will take place about every other day within a 2-3 week period
- Each infusion appointment will vary in time
- Infusions are given by the intravenous (IV) route to ensure the highest level of medication is available and working in the brain to ensure maximum benefit
- Augmented with other medications to provide the most pleasant experience possible, including medications for nausea and anxiety
- Continual monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, and oxygen saturation, by a compassionate and experienced Registered Nurse who is present for the entire infusion
- Setting is a quiet room with a comfortable, reclining chair, and music available


School: Medical College of Virginia

Graduated: 2007

Degree: Doctor of Medicine

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