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The First Ketamine Infusion Therapy Clinic in Boulder



Boulder Mind Care

Boulder Mind Care 2031 Broadway, Suite 2

Boulder, Colorado, 80302 United States

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Traditional Lineage Training

American Board of Anesthesiology, American Society of Anesthesiologists

Other Affiliations

American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists & Practitioners

Client Reviews

4 Reviews on “The First Ketamine Infusion Therapy Clinic in Boulder”

Overall rating
  • Olivia Ward

    This treatment changed my life! I was so beat flat by life & trapped in places in my head I couldn’t deal with life. Ever since my first treatment I have been happy every day (!!!!that’s a big deal!!!) and I can catch myself before I fall into a place in my head I was stuck in before.

    Right when I went into the office I felt comfortable. I had a very in-depth consultation with the doctor & I have never had a medical professional listen to me from a genuine place like Dr.Grindle does. It’s amazing to be helped by someone who is really filled by what they do

    The infusion process is relaxing and gave me a level view and emotionally removed view on things that landed me in the guck I felt trapped in. That first treatment gave me imeadite relief and a more advanced undamaged prospective going forward

    It has been such a blessing to have found boulder mind care. this has been the most important thing I have ever done for myself

    I recommend this place so hard core to anyone looking into this treatment

  • Aria Gerrit

    tried to contact me once in a place with minimal service. then claimed they tried to contact me multiple times which was false and dropped me as a patient. Also only offers times that are inconvenient with no exceptions

  • Hugh Parrish

    First of, it was great to actually talk to someone who wanted to hear my problems right off the bat, not just fill a spot and become a number. These guys are stellar and go beyond what is asked, to staying late on Saturdays and answering the phone outside of business hours. Finding the nerve to actually get in was tough, but past that I felt welcomed and cared for. What I was experiencing was real and validated! These guys are not in the business of turning a profit, but wanting to help create a light in what felt like nothing but darkness.

  • Erica Sigel

    Staff was incredibly kind and knowledgeable. My results were awesome and well worth the financial investment.

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