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The Loving Guide


Jess Ferrone (She Her)

Intuitive Guide & Shamanic Reiki Practitioner | Embodied Wisdom


The Loving Guide

1345 Green Canyon Rd

Fallbrook, California, 92028 United States

Appointments: In Person Online

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How I work with Clients

Jessica Lauren Ferrone is a Life Support & Loving Guide empowerment coach
for women and men going through real life & relationship struggles:

1) Relationship to self
2) Relationship to others (partners, family, children, step children, co-workers, friends)
3) Relationship shifts (up-coupling, transitions, separation, divorce)
4) Dating integration
5) Self-empowerment so as to up-level your ability to navigate everything on your plate.
6) Non-monogamy exploration

Jessica has has been unearthing natural intuitive abilities since age 20 before really knowing what she was experiencing including but not limited to the ability to sense unconscious and / or unreconciled traumas. By age 22, she disconnected and distracted from her gifts as she went in pursuit of college, career, marriage, kidsโ€ฆFast forward 25+ years later, after a life of poor choices as a result of her own unreconciled childhood trauma/childhood divorce/abuse/neglect, a divorce of her own in 2013 and 5 years of transformational healing thereafter, she is now ready to share her gifts and heart energy with intention and purpose from a place of wholeness. She believes that the unhealed need a heart-led, experienced, relatable, vulnerable, empathic, nonjudgemental and lovingly-reflective Loving Guide that can:

1) help you UNSTUCK yourself
2) open your eyes to the big picture of what's happening FOR you
3) to get you UP-leveling & Opting-OUT of your old story and current narrative
4) provide healing tools, perspective that gets you out of the conflict and back to what matters which is
5) you loving you and prioritizing your self care so you may
5) be on a path to healing & stability for betterment of all your relationships, including the one that matters most - the one with yourself
6) help you envision and embody your courageous, bravest and most fearless version of you.

Heading into separation or divorce? Unless your friends and family have been through a divorce, they will not be able to relate, much less provide continued support. And even if they could, they are likely to have limited time, energy and resources to show up in the way you need. You'll likely burden existing connections and end up straining relationships causing more undo trauma. Or even worse, they could validate your story and keep you STUCK! If you need and can afford a lawyer, you'll likely make rash decisions, be lead into conflict for their financial benefit, and you certainly won't get real-time, heart-centered advice. High conflict divorces destroy the co-parent and parent-child bond. And we all know what traditional therapy costs these days.

Embarking in opening up your partnership to non-monogomy? Jessica coaches on the entire spectrum of open-relating from swinging to polyamorous relationships. She can meet you where you are with empathy and compassion and help you navigate all the internal and external complexities one can face on this evolutionary path and journey to growth, freedom and heart expansion. Relevant issues she can help you navigate feelings of inadequacy, neglect, core wound illumination, societal/cultural/religious conditioning, boundaries, safe sex, jealousy, communication and healthy self-love parameters.

Video, Phone, in-person GUIDANCE SESSIONS, Energy Readings & Reiki OPTIONS & FEES can be found here:

Joseph Cambell's wisdom is "The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek." I want to be a loving, guide-ship through an otherwise dark and lonely time. I want to unearth the beautiful new you and the new life that awaits you in practical ways by:

- Helping you keep cool, calm and grounded during all aspects of partnership crises, separation and / or divorce
- Support you at court hearings / meetings where I may legally attend without compromising privileges
- Be your parent-to-parent communicator
/ mediator to help keep conflict are bay, to assist in navigate all aspects of parenting / calendaring / logistics
- Leading you, when ready, into the online and in-person dating world
- Provide coaching and therapy resources & parenting advise to get you through before during & after

In-home, text, email, phone, video support.

About Me:
Heart-led / Intuitive / Spiritually-minded
Mid-life survivor
Divorce survivor
Mother of three
Step mother
20 years in childhood education
Child of divorce
Adept and experienced with nearly all relationship constructs (non-monogomous etc).


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School: Sdsu

Graduated: 1997

Degree: Education

School: Reiki practitioner

Graduated: 2020

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