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Psychedelic Therapy in Gazelle, California by John Brennan


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18509 Old Hwy 99 S

Gazelle, California, 96034 United States

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How John Brennan work with Clients

I always want to talk with clients at length prior to your visit. Often I will take a diagnostic journey and then talk with you again. Until I do this diagnostic journey I don't really know what modality I'll use for healing. After the diagnostic journey and our discussion we can either work here at RavenSites or where you live. If we work here we’ll either work inside or outside my healing lodge near Shasta River or on the land in one of several powerful spots. These locations possess spiritual power because they are focal points of earth energy.

The most important aspect of "where" is your comfort level. You will need to be very comfortable and open to whatever may or may not come your way from non-ordinary reality. Comfort leads to relaxation, which leads to openness and eventually to healing through acceptance. We can work alone or with close friends whom you may choose to invite along.

My fees will vary depending on my travel time and the length of the healing session[s]. I don't charge for the diagnostic journey. For work here I will charge $85 for an hour and a half session. Fees for traveling to your location will need to be negotiated. Every session includes Sandra Ingerman's book, Shamanic Journeying which has a drumming CD in it for your future journeying use.

I will be pleased to recommend shamanic practitioners and drumming circles in the area where you live.

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