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Jeremiah McBryde

Certified Addiction Recovery & Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coach


The Space Between


Portland, Oregon, 97202 United States

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How The Space Between work with Clients

2 to 3 One Hour Preparation Calls (before the experience)

Forms & Schedule Call (we will schedule the journey and all support calls)

The Facilitated Medicine Session (8 to 10 hours) or as long as needed

2 to 3 One Hour Integration Sessions (after the experience)

Full Text & Email support throughout the entire process

Treatment Approach

My mission is to be an ally throughout the entire process by providing holistic support before, during, and after your journey. With over a decade of experience holding space within medicine ceremonies; I offer a hands-off approach with a focus on safety and harm reduction. This allows the inner healing intelligence of these medicines to take center stage while giving you the tools and support you need to navigate your experience within a solid container for deep inner work.

Psychedelic work requires courage, strength, dedication and support. Whether you are seeking a gentle exploration of altered states of consciousness or the deep dive experience, psychedelic medicines are incredible tools which can catalyze consciousness and facilitate personal growth. Facilitation coupled with integration work provides a framework and structure to the process helping you to get the most out of your experience. If you have begun or are considering the therapeutic use of psychedelic medicine, I’d be honored to support your journey.

The Space Between Background

Years in practice


School: Being True to You

Graduated: 2022

Degree: Addiction Recovery & Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coaching Certificate

Traditional Lineage Training

I have been working consistently with ayahuasca since 2009 in a spiritual lineage that comes from the brazilian amazon. During that time I have journeyed and participated in too many ceremonies to count. It was within Ayahuasca ceremonies that I humbly accepted one of my primary roles in my community as a guardian and protector of ceremonial space. The focus of this position is to keep an empathic pulse on all participants throughout the entire ceremony and provide loving supportive care of those who are having challenges or difficult passages so that the leaders can seamlessly orchestrate the larger ceremony. Space holding requires a great deal of empathy but also clear boundaries and a non-interference mindset. Working as a guardian for sacred medicine journeys has prepared me well for one on one facilitation.

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$500.00 - $3500.00

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