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Annie Strout Counseling

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Annie Strout Counseling

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  • Thanks to Annie, I have made significant strides in managing my mental health and achieving a greater sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance. I now feel equipped with the tools and coping
    mechanisms to navigate life’s challenges more effectively. Annie has not only been a therapist but also a guide and a source of inspiration on my path to personal growth.

  • My results from working with Annie in this session can only be described as this – it felt like my brain, nervous system, and identity all finally caught up to each other on the same timeline. After our sessions (as well as in the weeks that have followed), I felt a clear sense of being changed. Not just that, but I am now able to clearly see that I am a different person, and no longer feel like I have to continue acting out the past. I see myself making different, more empowering choices, and more quickly learning the lessons that life presents to me.

    If you feel like you’ve tried everything, and it hasn’t worked as much as you feel it should have in the time you’ve put into it, work with Annie. She will catapult you forward and allow you to finally integrate and benefit from the work you’ve done, as well as the work you do in your sessions with her.

  • This therapy has transformed my outlook on what I can achieve. I have been teaching in classrooms for 17 years and am now ready to take my knowledge and experience to a bigger stage.
    Annie held space and facilitated this therapy in a beautifully curious way. She helped me identify my limiting belief on unworthiness, which has been affecting my love life as well as my career, and reprocess to where I feel I can achieve everything.

  • This session helped me identify so many loops I’ve been working through. By accessing my inner child, Annie helped guide me to make positive changes. At the time I was working with a victim mentality. Six months later I am able to identify when I want to play the victim, I’m able to parent myself and choose to not play that role. Her pre and post integration sessions reinforced everything I learned in a kind and clear way. I would definitely recommend this session for anyone wanting ten therapy sessions in one. Months later I’m still proud of the progress I made with Annie in such a short time. Thank you!!

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