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Marci Moberg


Marci Moberg (She Her)

Intuitive Soul Guide + Somatic Plant Medicine Practioner | Doctoral work in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (all but dissertation), M.S. Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practioner


Northern Virginia

Front Royal, Virginia, 22630 United States

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How Marci Moberg work with Clients

Hi I'm Marci! And I have a gift for reconnecting sensitives to their inner truth (aka intuition) and rekindling their sense of kinship with the animate Earth. My clients describe the containers I create in session as safe, loving, grounding, and nurturing. And my grounded approach is equal parts practical and inspiring.

I am a psychedelics-positive guide who advocates for a harm reduction approach to sacred medicine experiences. I've been working with clients 1:1 full-time for eight years. And my integrated work draws from a wide range of modalities including: dreamwork, ritual, somatic-based trauma informed approaches, flower essence therapy, meditation, and journaling to name a few.

My sacred medicine work is influenced by my earth-based spirituality, somatic-based trauma-informed approaches, and the latest research in therapeutic approaches to psychedelics. This means:

* I believe working with psychedelic substances is a spiritual endeavor. Marrying the mind-body-spirit. And have the ability to bring us back in touch with our own Divinity and the Divinity of life.
* I recognize the consciousness of entheogenic plants and fungi. This means I believe they are teachers, guides, and more expanded consciousness that wisely lead the process. My role in preparation and integration is to support them and let the medicine lead.
* I center safety and ethics in psychedelic work. Following a code of ethics and rules of practice developed by the Association for Entheogenic Practitioners.
* I value openness and new learning. Joining training and continuing education opportunities to deepen my knowledge. Studying relevant literature and research. And participating in supervision sessions and peer support.
* I interchangeably use the terms entheogenic, psychedelic, and sacred medicine for ease of reference. The terms that I most align with are sacred medicine and entheogenic. Acknowledging the spiritual nature of this path and long human history of this sacred work.

Treatment Approach

I support intentional preparation ahead of sacred medicine experiences and integration after a psychedelic experience.

Preparation sessions can include:

Session work to clarify and set intentions ahead of your journey. Preparing different parts of yourself for the journey. And inviting all aspects of yourself on board for your entheogenic experience. Recognizing important signs and synchronicities during waking life. Incorporation of dreamwork leading up to the journey. Learning how to listen to the medicine as they do their pre-ceremony work with you. And noticing you are in the field of sacred medicine long before ingestion. Practices to support your preparation like meditation, journaling, expectation setting, and creating a self-care kit to bring to your ceremony.

The time immediately following a sacred medicine journey is an important window of opportunity. Together we will unpack the experience, deepen insights, make meaning, and explore inspired action to embody your transformation.

Integration sessions can include:

Consciously working with important images and messages received in your ceremony to deepen their healing. Somatic-based approaches to uncover wisdom embedded in key moments from your sacred medicine journey. Cultivating a mindset to continue listening to the medicine. Sacred plant spirits continue teaching in your life beyond ceremony and regardless of ingestion. Incorporating intentional dreamwork post sacred medicine journey to continue connecting dots and recognize new messages. Designing self-led ceremonies and rituals to deepen exploration and integrated embodiment. Creating daily practices to connect you to the wisdom the medicine shared. Practicing meditation techniques to strengthen your connection to important healing moments from your journey. Skillfully work with psychological and emotional material that surface post ceremony. Allowing the emergence of further insight and listen for inspired action.

Marci Moberg Background

Years in practice


School: George Mason University

Degree: Doctoral Studies in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (all but dissertation)

School: George Mason University

Degree: Masters of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Additional Training

The Plant Spirit Summit hosted by Entheonation Psychedelics in Therapy Summit hosted by PESI New Advances in Psychotherapy: Learning from Psychedelic-Assisted Treatment Conference hosted by PESI An Introduction to Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy with the Hakomi Institute Restoring Relational Resilience with Dr. Dianne Poole Heller Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing with the SE Trauma Institute The Dreamworld Program with Manari Ushigua Foundations of ritual, animism, animist psychology, and ancestral healing with Daniel Foor Herbal Apprenticeship Program with Ashley Litecky Elenbaas Winter Intuition School 1 and 2 as well as Intuitive Plant Medicine with Asia Suler Animistic Herbalism with Occvlta Poisonous Plants Levels 1 and 2 with Kathryn Solie 800 Hour Life of a Yogi Program with Sri Dharma Mittra 500 Hour Life of a Yogi Program with Sri Dharma Mittra 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga District

Psychedelic Therapy Certification Institutions
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Other Psychedelic Therapy Certifications

Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration Program with Numinus Wellness, Somatic Plant Medicine Integration with Aya Healing Retreats, Synthesis Institute Psychedelic Practioner Core Training (In Progress)

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