True North Wellness Center Brings a Holistic Approach to Treating You



True North Wellness Center

6610 N University Dr #210

Tamarac, Florida, 33321 United States

Treatment Approach

Offering you a safe, comfortable and supportive space, True North Wellness Center uses ketamine therapy to help those who suffer from some of the most devastating mental health conditions.

Client Reviews

4 Reviews on “True North Wellness Center Brings a Holistic Approach to Treating You”

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  • Lisa Gilmour

    Dr. Sabater, of “True North Wellness”, was a very unpleasant, arrogant individual. He was totally unprofessional; he kept $465 of my money for a 45 minute session, during which, he appeared barefoot and disheveled and proceeded to consume his large lunch in front of me: 1) A large salad 2) A bowl of bean soup 3) Half of a roasted chicken. He never made eye contact. He was dismissive, rude, and threatening; when I voiced my concern, he told me that he would sue me if I caused him any loss of income by reporting him. He refused to return my personal information. I went to this “doctor” after having been assaulted during an incident of domestic violence. His behavior was incomprehensible! I was a victim of PTSD, and visiting this individual compounded my trauma exponentially. May God forgive him because I will not.

  • J W

    Top class care. I am very grateful to have had the experience of going to this clinic and meeting all the staff. Just Great! Thank you.

  • James Pearson

    If you’re doing this for the right reasons, you’re going to be nervous and anxious for your first appointment. The idea of going through a ketamine experience, disassociating, and losing perception of your own body sound intimidating and impractial for mental health. I want to come here and say forget all of it. On the other side of fear is a whole new life if you go into this with the right mindset.

    Before I came here I was reaching the end of the psychological torment I could bare. I hated my life and myself. I had the training to be a therapist but not the objectivity to apply those skills and practices to my own life. I couldn’t see the picture because I was in the frame.

    By my third ketamine treatment I was completely out of the frame. It was like I was looking at a movie of my life with no personal involvement and could once again put it all into the proper perspective. My depression was simply removed. The parallel I used after the first treatment is that my brain was completely rebooted, and all the memory and program issues were cleared out.

    I think this treatment can save lives and revolutionize how we handle a variety of mental health issues. Give “Zappy” a call. They have an awesome plan for new patients. My only regret is not doing this sooner.

  • Laurence

    I can’t say enough good things about the Kismet Clinic. I have had the good fortune to be under the care and guidance of Dr. John Sortino and Mike “Zappy” Zapolin. Their first concern at all times is the welfare of the patient, and it shows in everything they do. The staff at Kismet are equally dedicated. Kismet Clinic treats the total person, applying tried-and-tested methods where appropriate but also willing to use novel approaches to get the patient where they need to be. In a sometimes jaded healthcare world, Kismet is a breath of fresh air: they put the “care” back in “healthcare”. I feel lucky to have discovered them.

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